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Options to Fill Gap Around Sharp Canine Tooth? (photo)

What are the most cost-effective options to cosmetically improve my canine tooth--it's turned out slightly and has a gap on either side of it. What... READ MORE

Best way to fix my loose/canine teeth on my gums? (Photo)

I am 19 years old and my parents never took me to the dentist, but I am going soon. The two teeth underneath the canine teeth on my gums are loose. I... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Fix a Tooth Gap Near the Canine Teeth? (photo)

I have gaps behind the canine teeth on both sides of my smile. This was caused by over-crowding which resulting in having 6 teeth pulled when I was... READ MORE

Pointy Canine Teeth? (photo)

I have a bit of an overbite, some crowding, and horrible "fang" like canine teeth. Also I have very little money, what is my best option in treatment? READ MORE

I Want to Lengthen my Canine Teeth? (photo)

What would be the process to lengthen my canines I really want the procedure done READ MORE

Permanent Canine Tooth Above my Baby Canine Tooth?

I am 14 and i still have a canine baby tooth. My left adult canine tooth is a litle bit showing above my baby tooth. This gave me a lack of smile and... READ MORE

Would my Teeth Grow in Weird if I Got a Canine Pulled? (photo)

I had a baby tooth (canine) that didn't come out and the adult canine grew behind it and now it doesn't have room to come in. I don't have money for... READ MORE

My Canines Have Not Fallen out and the Adult Teeth Are Slanted Inwards?

I'm 14 and my dentists were concerned with me having 6 baby teeth still. They took an x-ray of my whole mouth and it appears that my adult canines are... READ MORE

My Lower Right Canine is Half Broken Due to a Hard Ball Hit?

Hi. My lower right canine has broken from edge due to hard ball hit. Now i feel difficult to eat and breathe. What is its solution? Plz help me. READ MORE

Severe pain 8 days following extraction of impacted canine and bone graft, dry socket. Is this normal?

8 days ago, I had oral surgery to remove an impacted canine tooth (impacted in the roof of my mouth) and a bone graft to set up for implant. I have... READ MORE

Are my lower canine tooth meant to come out?

I'm 13 and my tooth is kind of wobely shall I wait for it to come out or see a dentist? READ MORE

What is the Natural Course of Canine Teeth Growth? (photo)

My 8 y old daughter apparently has canines that will not grow in correctly, and many devices and procedures spanning a few years and several thousands... READ MORE

Is that possible to move my upper canines to my upper laterals position? (photo)

My upper two lateral teeth got very serious root abscess and had to be extracted. I have been having braces for more than 2 months. Three week ago, i... READ MORE

Baby tooth(canine) at age 14, no permanent tooth at all?

This tooth sticks out a lot and has caused my incisor to twist 90 degrees since it had no room to grow. What would be the best choice to fix this? The... READ MORE

Shifting of incisor into canine position and vice versa to deal with impacted canine? Will this procedure be successful?

At 34 I have my upper canines impacted. On the left side my orthodontist pulled my incisor into the canine space and he is now saying he cannot pull... READ MORE

What can I do with my chipped tooth and the discoloration of my teeth? (photos)

I want my teeth to be fix and I need your suggestions. For my chipped tooth, my dentist said I should have a porcelain jacket. Then for my discolored... READ MORE

I have cracked my front canine in half and a small piece of the top tooth next to it is cracked. Price? (Photo)

I'm curious add to what it will cost to have the canine fixed and the chopping next to it taken care of. Or cocoon the woke state of the teeth if I... READ MORE

I have a tooth that is mostly filling except for the bottom part of it (the canine) and I don't like how it looks? (Photo)

The reason why it's mostly filling because didn't have good brushing habits when I was younger and no mom or dad to teach me good brushing habits I... READ MORE

Should I Get Braces Right Away or Wait for the Permanent Canine Tooth to Move into Its Position Naturally?

As you can see in the photos,I have a full grown permanent canine tooth above my baby canine tooth. I am getting the baby canine tooth extracted... READ MORE

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