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Tooth Broken to the Gum Line

I had a tooth that cracked and I ended up having a root canal and a crown. About a year ago the tooth cracked off at the gum line. I'm scared to... READ MORE

My broken tooth is black inside, is it tooth decay or something else?

My molar broke and it looks black inside, should i be worried? READ MORE

If a Tooth Breaks Past the Gum Line Can It Be Capped and Fixed?

I had a bottom back molar tooth break pretty bad. The Dentist did xrays and she said the tooth broke clear down to the bone line. I have a appointment... READ MORE

I Have my Front Half Broken Tooth. What Treatment Should I Go With? I Want to Restore It to Natural Tooth.

Is there any treatment that my half broken front tooth can restore to its natural state without any crowns, fillings etc. If there is no method to... READ MORE

My dead front tooth broke off while eating, what procedure can I do to save the tooth and avoid extraction?

Yesterday I was eating my dinner and my dead tooth at the front of my mouth broke off half way what can I have done to save my tooth i really don't... READ MORE

Age 51, Front Tooth Broken, No Pain, No Insurance, What's an Inexpensive Fix?

Knowing it would b temporary and in a few years would need more done READ MORE

I Have Heard That Natural Tooth Regeneration is Now Possible. Is It True?

One who has broken tooth, his/her tooth can come back as a natural tooth and also one who has half broken tooth, then his/her tooth can also be... READ MORE

3rd Molar Broke During Extraction. Is It Ok to Leave Part of the Tooth in the Gum?

My 3rd molar was jutting out into the cheek, so my dentist suggested that I get it removed. During extraction, part of the tooth broke off and the... READ MORE

Ive broken a molar in half, the inside edge is very sharp and is causing significant pain. What should I do?

As it's jagged edge meets my tongue. I have no dental insurance, nor do I have any idea about what I should do next. What do you suggest my next step... READ MORE

One crooked tooth, what is the best and cheapest way to fix it? (photo)

My front top tooth is crooked, its the only one that is. I don't really want to get braces for one tooth and invisalign is to costly for me. Would... READ MORE

Broken Root Canal File? (photo)

Had root canal done last year, then crown put on a couple of months later. I have had continual pain in that tooth, and chronic sinus infections. Went... READ MORE

Broken Tooth at the Gum Line?

My child played soccer. She got hit in the face with the ball. I never thought about getting teeth guards as she doesn't play goalie. Some how when... READ MORE

My tooth broke along the gum line. What can I do for it?

It's a bottom tooth in the front. The actual tooth is still there, just the part that covers the gum line is gone. The tooth feels really loose now. I... READ MORE

Best treatment for front break teeth accidentally? (photo)

I had a x.ray of chipped front teeth .Doctor advice no need of root canal for the same teeth.I waana know best treatment for that .. READ MORE

35% of my Front Tooth is Broken Should I Go for Bonding or a Porcelean Veneer?

35% of my front tooth is broken what should i go for a porcelean veneer or a composite bonding .it happened 8 months ago but i couldnot do any... READ MORE

Molar Broke in Half and the Worst Part is That It's a Smile Tooth! Can It Be Repaired?

Needing a root canal, my former dentist suggest to fill a tooth instead to save money. After a few years, my molar next to my eye tooth has broken in... READ MORE

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