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In Dental Bridges, Can 4 Abutment Teeth Be Enough for 6 Pontic Teeth?

I have continous 6 front pontic teeth including the canines. I still have 6 molars left. I had dental bridges and only have 4 abutment teeth for that... READ MORE

Tooth Bridge - Will the gums re-grow? (photo)

I have tooth bridge placed 3 weeks ago and I wasn't quite happy about the look.Its just way higher than my normal teeth. And when I asked the... READ MORE

Non-surgical treatment of big black triangles in bridge area? (photo)

I recently had a gum graft surgery using my own tissue where I have a bridge from #7-#9 teeth (injury many yrs ago). The surgery was not only a... READ MORE

I have a apces in my Upper Left Lateral's Root, I do not want to lose the tooth but dont want a root canal, what can i do?

I went to a dentist a week ago who gave me pain killers and antibiotics and has suggested i go back for a root canal or to pull the tooth, I do not... READ MORE

Would this tooth possibly be repaired with core build up? (Photo)

4 tooth fixed bridge was done about 6 years ago and a year after was pain/infection on front supporting tooth. Dentist removed the bridge and did root... READ MORE

Do I need a general dentist or prosthodentist? (Photos)

My mandible temporary bridge left on for 10+ yrs. Facial features on one side maybe affected I went to general dentist and she never mentioned what I... READ MORE

Can this chip be fixed enough so it won't be noticeable? Do you think it could be filed? (photos)

She's 25 and stationed across the country. This is a bridge implant. She is home for 2 weeks before she deploys. Do you think a cosmetics dentistry... READ MORE

Tooth capping and bridging. Any suggestions?

Hi one of my molars got completely broken the doctor said it will require my two other teeth , that is, on in front and one at the back of the chipped... READ MORE

Can my tooth be reglued? 3-tooth bridge due to strong bite. (photo)

I had a root canal done and the false tooth feel out the dentist removed my duel post and only left one in and now will not fix it and says due to my... READ MORE

I have pain in my gum above the fake tooth (#26) of my dental bridge even with the slightest pressure on the bridge?

The bridge has already been adjusted by my dentist with respect to my bite. Does the pressure from chewing cause the fake tooth to touch the gum above... READ MORE

Have a Broken Tooth, Was Holding out for Bridge. Now Loose and Lifting Up?

I'm going in tomorrow but need some guidance on whats to come. Feels like it'll come out every time i try to eat something. READ MORE

Any dentists that can inject dermal fillers for black triangles in Maryland region?

I have some tiny black triangles from a dental bridge (really long time ago accident). I want to get these black triangles regularly filled with... READ MORE

How much does a bridge cost?

Have one tooth messing and how long will I have to stay on the islands READ MORE

I Live in North Carolina. I Am on Medicaid. I Have Had Illnesses That Cause my Teeth to Deteriate?

I need two veneers at the top...replacement of a brige on lower left and one on the teeth whitening .if you send me an email i will send... READ MORE

What if I Need a Root Canal on a Molar of a Bridge As Well As a Filling on the Second Molar?

I have a bridge connecting my two crowned molars (lower jaw). My dentist is recommending that I have a root canal done on one crowned molar and not... READ MORE

I wish to save the root by filling over it and adding a tooth to the bridge I have now. Any suggestions?

In my lower jaw my toot broke down to the gum line, it was a previously capped tooth with root canal work. I wish to save the root, by filling over it... READ MORE

Strength of Root Canal when Used As Additional Tooth to a Bridge?

My dentist says he won't know until he takes the crown off during the bridge procedure.. READ MORE

Is there any Dr. out there that is willing to help me fix my teeth? Im Victim of Violent Crime. (photos)

I have been told I need new crowns, possible bridges & several implants. I am ashamed to leave my home or even talk to people . everyday I wake up and... READ MORE

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