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Bicuspid Extractions Changed Face Negatively

Had extractions & its changed my face. I have an appointment with my original ortho and i am unsure how to approach this situation and ask him to... READ MORE

Why is my Gum on the Left Side Bigger Than the Right Making my Two Front Teeth Look Uneven? (photo)

I'm 20 years of age and even though my two from teeth are the same length when I full on smile you can see on one side the tooth is higher up than the... READ MORE

Best way to fix my loose/canine teeth on my gums? (Photo)

I am 19 years old and my parents never took me to the dentist, but I am going soon. The two teeth underneath the canine teeth on my gums are loose. I... READ MORE

What's the best option for a small chip to bottom edge of front tooth?

I have a small chip to the bottom edge of my front tooth. I am 22 years old and I have already had a filling / bonding which came out less than a week... READ MORE

How to Fix my Front Left Tooth? (photo)

I have a snaggletooth since i was little, im really shy about it. i dont like to talk to anyone because i feel like they are scaring at it. I just... READ MORE

Transparent teeth? (photos)

My front teeth seem to be very transparent at the bottom. I understand that front teeth are a little transparent at the bottom, but mine seems a... READ MORE

Problems with Filling in Between Front Teeth? (photo)

I had a filling in between my front two teeth about 18 months ago, I had it redone 2 months later due to extreme sensitivity and pain (The Dr. did it... READ MORE

Rickets Caused my Teeth to Lose Enamal What to Do? (photo)

Since 2 years old (I'm 23 now) Ive had Rickets (Vit D Deficiency ) which caused my teeth to lose enamel and not form properly. Ive been to many... READ MORE

Is There Hope for my Teeth? (photo)

Ive had a long history of drug abuse, resulting in very poor oral hygeine. Recently ive sobered up and taken a look at the damage ive done and while... READ MORE

How can I restore my front broken teeth? (photos)

Sir im 23 year old..i have a problem with my front front teeth in the middle is broken and in this broken area many waste materials is... READ MORE

Why are all my teeth breaking and falling out and rotting ? And what can I do to prevent this?

I'm 24 about be 25 I use to be a hardcore drug addict but clean for a year now and my teeth have always been real sensitve and would stain easly my... READ MORE

I Am 18 (Almost 19) and I Have a Problem with my Teeth?

I never was a good brusher as a kid due to a sensory disorder and the feeling of not only the brush but even the toothpaste would drive me insane. Now... READ MORE

22Yo Female Who Hasnt Seen Dentist Since Childhood. Should I Get Braces or Veneers? (photo)

I had two baby teeth that didnt fall out til i was 18 (top two canines) but the adult teeth had pushed thru the front of my gums anyway, thus causing... READ MORE

I Have a Front Slightly Dark Tooth from Root Canal Done 10 Years Ago, I Don't Want to Grind the Tooth at All? (photo)

I am 20 fortunately my braces hide the brownness right dentist had advised me to put a crown afterwards but after browsing on the net and... READ MORE

What should I do to replace my half broken teeth to make it look like other people's teeth?

I lost my half teeth in an accident years ago. I didn't feel much that time. But now when I attend an interview or a seminar, I feel ashamed of my... READ MORE

My front teeth is broken. Can it be restore and is there any side effect? Which treatment is best? (photo)

Please tell me clearly that how my teeth could be processed, and i am 19 years old. It had broken 10 year ago. I've attached the picture. Please do... READ MORE

what is the solution for the enamel loss of the tooth?

I am 23 yrs old man, and at the age of 16 yrs I scratched my forefront tooth surface with mirror to make them very white this and also calculus... READ MORE

I have cracked my front canine in half and a small piece of the top tooth next to it is cracked. Price? (Photo)

I'm curious add to what it will cost to have the canine fixed and the chopping next to it taken care of. Or cocoon the woke state of the teeth if I... READ MORE

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