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Can my Front Tooth Be Filed Down? (photo)

I can not afford veneers and those type of things. I got a retainer to straighten them out, and the orthodontist said he will file down the longer... READ MORE

Adult Teeth Coming in Without Tooth Enamel.

My 7 yr old son's adult teeth are coming in yellow and without much enamel on them. His teeth are sensitive to cold and hot foods. What are the... READ MORE

My 13 yr old chipped half of her front tooth, can it be repaired? (photo)

My 13 year old chipped half her front tooth, who do I need to seek for help, a regular dentist? A specialist? Can it be repaired? Will she need... READ MORE

Teeth with Short Roots and Braces?

My 9 year old son's front teeth has short roots. The teeth are protruding and he's overbite so he needs braces. We saw 2 orthodontists with different... READ MORE

My teeth keep chipping and I I don't know what to do! (photo)

Okay so, around summer this year the bottom of my canine tooth and the tooth under it chipped and the dentist said it would be fine so I didn't bother... READ MORE

White Spot on my Front Right Tooth?

Im 17 and a diabetic but i've had this white dot on the front of my teeth since i was 6 i was wondering how to remove it ? Or how to make it less... READ MORE

Permanent Canine Tooth Above my Baby Canine Tooth?

I am 14 and i still have a canine baby tooth. My left adult canine tooth is a litle bit showing above my baby tooth. This gave me a lack of smile and... READ MORE

I have deep overbite. Can braces correct my teeth? (photo)

I'm Abby, I'm 14. My Cosmetic Dentist said that Braces won't fix my Teeth or else my Jaw will be dislocated. It is true? READ MORE

My Canines Have Not Fallen out and the Adult Teeth Are Slanted Inwards?

I'm 14 and my dentists were concerned with me having 6 baby teeth still. They took an x-ray of my whole mouth and it appears that my adult canines are... READ MORE

7 yr old chipped her front tooth. What treatment would you recommend?

Child chipped a little piece of front tooth-no blood, no loose tooth, no pain.She is 7 & her teeth have mamelons so she hit her tooth near them.It... READ MORE

Are my lower canine tooth meant to come out?

I'm 13 and my tooth is kind of wobely shall I wait for it to come out or see a dentist? READ MORE

I cracked my tooth My dentist "fixed it " by filling in the crack but over the years it turned blue. I'm 16 years old.

When I was in 4th grade a little girl pushed me to a pole and I cracked my front tooth my dentist fixed it by filling in the cracked part and its... READ MORE

Missing Lateral Incisors?

My 16-year old daughter is missing her maxillary lateral incisors and has canines in their place. We have visited some orthos, and their advice has... READ MORE

Is it periodontitis or gingivitis?

Hello. I'm 17 years old and a week ago I was diagnosed with periodontal disease. I wasn't given much information from my dentist, but from what I... READ MORE

My 4 year olds front tooth (#9) has total exposure, She knocked a few months back causing a hole in the gum.

The top of her tooth was exposed, But it caused no pain and the dentist told me not to worry, unless there was discoloration, or pain. Yesterday she... READ MORE

Cross Bite, Missing Teeth and Gaps, What Treatment Would You Suggest? (photo)

I'm 13 I only have 22 teeth in total 12 teeth on my bottom jaw 10 on my top jaw i have a cross bite 1 of my front teeth is over the top of my bottom... READ MORE

Daughter with yellow teeth and front teeth calcifications?

I have a 15yr old daughter who was born with yellow teeth...her top front teeth have some significant calcifications within them. They have tried to... READ MORE

I'm 16 and look after my teeth really well brush floss the works but no matter what I do they keep breaking ... What can I do?

My back molar split in two and half the tooth came away yet it doesn't hurt to chew or anything, on the other side of my mouth one of my teeth is... READ MORE

I have a 4 year old daughter she broke her left front tooth from the inner gums. Is it necessary to be extracted?

What will be the procedure since she is so young and she is screeming already just seeing the dentist. Will it affect her permanent teeth? READ MORE

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