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Broken File in Root Canal

I just had a root canal done today due to a deep filling I've had for a while. During the procedure, the general dentist broke the file inside the... READ MORE

Failed Root Canal with Chronic Abscess. Re-treatment or Abstraction and Implant? (photo)

The 2009 root canal failed due to the ill-fitting crown and I now have a chronic abscess deep in the former root near my sinus. (Gum boil visible in... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Remove Silver Fillings?

I have silver fillings from a long time ago but I've been wanting to get the white fillings instead. One dentist told me that it was safer to keep... READ MORE

Bicuspid Extractions Changed Face Negatively

Had extractions & its changed my face. I have an appointment with my original ortho and i am unsure how to approach this situation and ask him to... READ MORE

Failing Tooth After Root Canal

After a tooth has had root canal, and then after that an apicoetomy, how do you know if your tooth is failing and needs to be pulled? what are the signs? READ MORE

Pain with Biting Beginning a Month After Filling?

I had a deep filling, and after a few days of sensitivity, it felt fine for a about 2 weeks. Yesterday, it started to hurt upon chewing. it feels sort... READ MORE

Severe Pain in Gum After a Root Canal of a Dead Tooth?

I had a root canal without any novocaine because tooth was dead. It did not hurt & was just a little sore for a couple of days afterward. Then... READ MORE

Can I Eat Solid Food 4 Days After Tooth Extraction?

Got my lower left tooth taken out 4 days ago. Went for a check up and the dentist says its healing good and gave me a syringe to clean after I eat as... READ MORE

File Broken in Tooth?

Several years back I had a root canal and had several problems since then but now the issues had quadrupled! I am having severe headaches that begin... READ MORE

Who pays for the specialist to remove the broken file in my root canal?

A file broke off in my tooth during a root canal, I was referred to a specialist (Endodontist) to have it removed which she did. Who is responsible... READ MORE

No Pain Before Root Canal, Intolerable Pain After One? (photo)

Hello, I went for a filling few weeks ago on tooth 13-premolar , after removing some caries dentist recommended that I get a root canal. Couple days... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Wake Up During IV Sedation for Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

My dental phobic son finally mustered up his courage to get his 4 wisdom teeth out today. He had IV sedation and was promised he wouldn't remember... READ MORE

Why do I have pain when chewing three weeks after fillings?

Three weeks ago, I had two impacted bottom wisdom teeth removed. One wisdom tooth on top removed and seven fillings. Four of the seven fillings were... READ MORE

How long does it take to heal a root canal?

I accidentally chewed on my front tooth 1 week and a day after my root canal treatment. It hurt pretty bad, I didn't mean to, but I am a little... READ MORE

Is It normal to have sensitivity on a tooth that has been filed down?

I got a filling a few weeks ago but it was still hurting, so I called up my dentist and went in yesterday for him to check on it, he filed it down and... READ MORE

Can I smoke after having teeth removed?

Had two teeth out 50 hours ago can I smoke now without covering the holes. READ MORE

How Common is It for a Molar to Break (Shatter) After Replacing a Filling?

Went in to have a very old and damaged ( there was a hole in it) filling replaced on my bottom L molar. After filling was completed and I was leaving... READ MORE

Problems with Filling in Between Front Teeth? (photo)

I had a filling in between my front two teeth about 18 months ago, I had it redone 2 months later due to extreme sensitivity and pain (The Dr. did it... READ MORE

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