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Failed Root Canal with Chronic Abscess. Re-treatment or Abstraction and Implant? (photo)

The 2009 root canal failed due to the ill-fitting crown and I now have a chronic abscess deep in the former root near my sinus. (Gum boil visible in... READ MORE

How can I get Medicare or medacaid to pay for dental work if my teeth damage was caused from my anorexia nervosa / bulimia ?

I've had an abscess since Nov (wasn't covered at that time) now my lower right gum line is black one tooth has a hole and the back is gone which led... READ MORE

My front tooth had a root canal 20+ years ago. My dentist said it's failing. Can I have it redone without going toothless?

I have an abscess above the front top right tooth. It's popped and gone down in size barely noticeable at this point (pin size). Since it's my front... READ MORE

Pouch Extending from Gum to Salivary Gland Area?

I had a abscessed tooth extracted about a year ago. Since then I have noticed a small pounch kinda thing that goes out from my gum (on left cheek) to... READ MORE

I Had an Abscess Which Went Down After Antibiotics,dentist then Did Root Canal Treatment, the File Broke Off?

The dentist tried to remove it after taking an x-ray,dentist did not have chance to clean before the breakage,dentist then continued with the cleaning... READ MORE

Had a root canal gone bad.

Had a root canal, the tooth ended up broke during the procedure didn't know it at that time. After a month or more an abscess formed on the area where... READ MORE

I Have a Abscess Tooth It Happened Last Friday and my Lower Jaw Has Been Swollen Since and Its Painful What Do I Do? (photo)

Ive been doin the tea bag remedy, rinse with peroxide after, brush with baking soda wit alil bit of toothpaste on it. It burst & pus came up i... READ MORE

What's a Home Remedy for Abscess Tooth?

I got abscess tooth but nothing seems to help would like to go to the dentist to get some of my teeth pulled but can't afford it and embarrassed to go READ MORE

Husband Has Abscessed Tooth. Very Swollen and Sore After Antibiotics?

Hi there was hoping for some help! My husband has a bad tooth infection and needs a root canal but has to take anti biotics first. Hes been on... READ MORE

I have a apces in my Upper Left Lateral's Root, I do not want to lose the tooth but dont want a root canal, what can i do?

I went to a dentist a week ago who gave me pain killers and antibiotics and has suggested i go back for a root canal or to pull the tooth, I do not... READ MORE

I have a very large abscess on my gum and I started taking antibiotics and my dentist wants to do a root canal? (Photo)

Is it safe to do a root canal with an absess so large right next to it he stated to let it slowly go away on its own and not to drain it i dont know... READ MORE

Failed Root Canal with Chronic Abscess. Apisectomy or Abstraction and partial denture?

I have a bridge between tooth #6 & #8. An abscess has appeared over tooth #8 and a root canal procedure on tooth #8 was done . The abscess has not... READ MORE

Tooth Abscess and sensitivity?

Currently I have a fever, and a bit of numbness on the left cheek. Yesterday, went to dentist, dentist said abscess was forming. Today, after a... READ MORE

Had a very small abscess on my gum that I have had for around a year that has now caused my tooth to become pain full and loose

Around a year ago I was assaulted causing bad damage to my face, my teeth were damaged to how ever around two months later a abscess appeared on my... READ MORE

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