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Thread Lift As an Alternative to Full Facelift?

I have heard that a "thread lift" is alternative to a "full" facelift. What is this? Is it less extensive and expensive? Less... READ MORE

Less Costly Thread Lift Alternatives?

I recently lost 112 lbs. and intend on losing more--about 25 lbs. My face is heavy, now I have heavy laugh lines and want to get rid of them. It was... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Retighten Threads from Previous Thread Lift?

I had a Thread lift four years ago. Can doctors tighten the same "threads" that are currently in place without removing them or replacing... READ MORE

Too Late to Remove Threads to Reverse Thread Lift Results?

I had a thread lift done three years ago and my right side is tighter than my left, giving me an unbalanced look. Would removing the threads give me a... READ MORE

Will Gold Thread Lift Make my Face Too Tight?

Hi, I will be doing Gold Thread Lift next month and what I'm worrying about now is will Gold Thread Lift make my face look tight? I have a... READ MORE

Long-Term Effects of Thread Lift

What happens to you face say ten,fifteen or 20 years after threads. Do the lines followed by the threads hold the skin tighter than the rest of the... READ MORE

Any suggestions for PDO thread? (photos)

I do not know what is happening ... after treatment with PDO thread has started immediately a big swelling on one side of face ... do you have the... READ MORE

How long to wait for a thread lift after Sculptra?

I was injected with too much Sculptra and now my face is very puffy and heavy. It will be a year next month. Will a thread lift or a suture lift help... READ MORE

Threading caused tiny pimples all over my face. Any suggestions?

10 days back I did a full face threading and which I had this very tiny pimples that cannot be seen until u r really close but can be felt. Please... READ MORE

Does any doctor in the L.A area have experience with removing contour barbed threads? I am looking for a doctor to remove mine.

Had threads put in 7 years ago. I no longer want these things in my face. I am not looking to have a facelift done just want the barbed threads removed. READ MORE

The tip of my nose dips to the right. If I pull my check to the left, it corrects this. Will facial thread lift on one side work

I know that doctors are going to say I need rhinoplasty - I've already had a nose job. It didn't correct the assymetry of my face. If anything it is... READ MORE

Crazy acne after full face threading?

Hi, I recently got my face threaded and now have broken out like crazy I have small red pimples all over my face and it's absolutely horrible my skin... READ MORE

Threads Put in my Face 8 Yrs Ago-one Hurts if I Press on Skin. Suggestions?

I had threads put in my face years ago. If I lay on my hand I can feel a thread pulling or stinging type feeling. Will they harm me? READ MORE

Should there be major bruising after threading treament?

I have threads in my face and it was painful when inserted on one side plus the bruising has been quite horrendous. Is this normal? READ MORE

Thread lift changed my face shape! Will my face change back to normal when the thread melt away?

Hello i had thread lift on my face few months ago. it made some dents on my face and it also stuck on some area which makes my skin cannot move freely... READ MORE

Can I have face threads removed ? (photos)

Can face threads be removed safely ? I have been told different things, some say no because it could cause paralysis the face !! yet others say you... READ MORE

I have a round face and want a more oval. Can I do thread lift?

Hello! I have a round face and want a more oval. Can I do thread lift? Which Company makes the best threads and the width of the threads? Is there any... READ MORE

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