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Fillers Vs Thread Lift

I'm in my 30's. I would like the nasolabial folds and mouth corners lifted as they are drooping.. (FYI, I've lost 20 pounds in 2 months).... READ MORE

Can Thread Lift Tighten the Skin Under the Eyes? (photo)

Looking into alternative to surgery as I had quadrilateral blephroplasty in 2007 which made things worse. I had too many complications and had to hide... READ MORE

What is JJ Miracle Lift?

I was considering a JJ Miracle Lift, which is being introduced as an amazingly advanced version of old contour thread lift, and which also seemed too... READ MORE

Nova Threads?

What's the difference between Nova Threads and other threads? I'm thinking could be good if it lasts a year + for those who only need a minor skin... READ MORE

Thread Lift or Mini Lift for Sagging Jowls and Neck?

I am a 43-year-old female. I have sagging jowls and neck. Jowls are genetic and my neck was damaged through excessive dieting. I am considering either... READ MORE

What Are the Potential Issues of Dissolvable Thread Lift?

It seems to me that some of the problems with old Thread lifts could be resolved if the threads were reabsorbable. (Longevity issues still remain, but... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between a Thread Lift and a Suture Suspension During a SMAS Facelift?

What is the Difference Between a Thread Lift and a Suture Suspension During a SMAS facelift procedure? Is there another (or longer lasting) way to... READ MORE

Why Does Thread Lift Last Only for a Short Time?

What are the reasons for the thread lift technique in facelifts apparently having poor longevity? Do the threads stretch, or is the amount of skin... READ MORE

Thread Lift As an Alternative to Full Facelift?

I have heard that a "thread lift" is alternative to a "full" facelift. What is this? Is it less extensive and expensive? Less... READ MORE

Less Costly Thread Lift Alternatives?

I recently lost 112 lbs. and intend on losing more--about 25 lbs. My face is heavy, now I have heavy laugh lines and want to get rid of them. It was... READ MORE

Considering Thread Lift But Wondering Why Its Received So Many Bad Reviews.

I am considering to have a thread lift, but so far I don't see many good reviews from people who actually did. I wonder what is a major reason for... READ MORE

Where to Get Gold Thread Lift in Dallas?

Need to know the dr's in Dallas area for gold thread procedure READ MORE

Is It Possible to Retighten Threads from Previous Thread Lift?

I had a Thread lift four years ago. Can doctors tighten the same "threads" that are currently in place without removing them or replacing... READ MORE

Will Gold Thread Lift Make my Face Too Tight?

Hi, I will be doing Gold Thread Lift next month and what I'm worrying about now is will Gold Thread Lift make my face look tight? I have a... READ MORE

Does anyone recommend lip lift made with thread lift?

I have previous I tried fillers but my upper lip shoes very little. So I have been looking in to doing a lip lips. I have read about the lip lift made... READ MORE

How Do I Find Surgeons Performing Contour Threads or Threadlift?

In the midwest (MN, IA, ND, SD, WI etc.) I'm interested in having the procedure and am having difficulties finding doctors that perform it? READ MORE

Which would you recommend; PDO Thread Lift or Dermaroller to address fine lines and mild sagging in lower face?

I have a slight downward turn at the corners of my mouth and vertical fine lines that appear indented just below the corners of my mouth, either side... READ MORE

Nefertiti lift or thread chin neck lift? (photos)

Im 26 yrs old i have a double chin and lose skin around my neck i went for consultation dr recommended thread lift but im nt sure can a nefertiti lift... READ MORE

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