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Will Removing Threads 4 Years Post Thread Lift Cause Jowl to Sag?

I am having a neck lift done and have had a Thread Lift for 4 years now. My doctor wants to remove the threads in the neck and jowl area while doing... READ MORE

Contour Thread Lift - Can I Have the Threads Removed?

Regarding a contour thread lift procedure I had done on me 2 1/2 years ago is it possible  to remove the 16 threads I had put in? Even if I live... READ MORE

Thread Lift Pain After 2 1/2 Years

I still feel pain and discomfort Two-and-a-half years after my Thread Lift operation. I know that the threads are removable, but I'm afraid that I... READ MORE

Will Removing the Barbed Threads Cause Tissue Damage?

Can you tell me something about potential tissue damage in the procedure of taking out the barbed threads? READ MORE

Removing the Threads from Thread Lift

How can the thread lift threads be removed? Can you pull them out or do they have to be removed with a facelift? READ MORE

No Improvement from Thread Lift

I had a Thread Lift on my neck in January, but it came back with no results at all! I went for a second opinion because I can feel the thread behind... READ MORE

Contact Sports After Thread Lift?

How long after a thread lift (absorbable) can I perform contact sports such as boxing and jiu-jitsu? READ MORE

Too Late to Remove Threads to Reverse Thread Lift Results?

I had a thread lift done three years ago and my right side is tighter than my left, giving me an unbalanced look. Would removing the threads give me a... READ MORE

Is There a Difference Between US and European Thread Lift?

I'm 3 days post op, thread lift on cheeks done in Prague. Unlike many experiences posted here, bruising is minimal. I followed pre-op advice... READ MORE

My right side face is in pain and headache after Silhouette Thread Lift. Any suggestions? (photos)

I got the procedure done on the 29th of Oct. I have dumplings on both sides of my face but the worst part is the pain runs from the temporal area to... READ MORE

Long-Term Effects of Thread Lift

What happens to you face say ten,fifteen or 20 years after threads. Do the lines followed by the threads hold the skin tighter than the rest of the... READ MORE

Can the Threads Be Re-tightened?

I had a thread lift five years ago and was very pleased with the results at 60 years old. I asm now 65 and the jowls are returning...can the threads... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Cheek Suture Facelift: Where Needle/Thread Was Inserted is a Prominent Indention

Indentation has not gone down. Indention is close to nose/mouth area and makes it look as if my cheeks are permenantly smiling and it looks as if they... READ MORE

Thread Lift Duration of Recovery?

I did threadlift a year ago, i suffered from constant pain and headache so removed them but pain and headache still exist. any hope to feel normal... READ MORE

Can This Discoloration Be Repaired? (photo)

4 yrs ago I had a face lift -looked great, then I noticed a bump on each outer cheekbone (still there) and there was pain near borth ears if I... READ MORE

Is this pouch/pucker showing after silhouette soft 4 thread lift just from swelling? (Photo)

I had soft threads, silhoette soft lift, done 9 days ago. On the right side of my face, at the point where the thread exited, a kind of pouch has been... READ MORE

Should I Remove my Silhouette Lift After 6 Days of Insertion? Im Not Happy with the Result.

Im 40 yrs old guy. I did silhouette lift 6 days ago to correct my nasolibial line. But the result in not good. The surgeon pull too tight on one side... READ MORE

Thread lift caused dimples and dents in my face. Will this be permanent or not? What should I do to flatten my skin? (Photo)

Hi there, I am judy. I'm just so depressed with what happened to my face after thread lift. My doctor put a total of 100 threads in my cheeks, which I... READ MORE

Does Dissolved Face Lifting Thread Have Bad Influence with Pregnancy?

I plan to have a baby ,but I just had a dissolved thread lifting in face operation two months ago,so I want to know may I have pregnancy now? Thank... READ MORE

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