Scarring + Thigh Lift

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Plastic Surgery Scar Treatment After Thigh Lift? (photo)

I had thigh lift and tummy tuck and the scars in thigh lift in the groin are very dark. I would like to lighten their appearance only because when I... READ MORE

Really Unattractive Scars, Swelling and Redness After Thigh Lift What Can I Do?

I had a thigh lift in Florida about 12 weeks ago. My right leg has a long, wide ugly scar. This suture line opened after the surgery. It makes me feel... READ MORE

Thigh Lift Scar and Hanging Skin? (photo)

I had thigh lift surgery in Florida about 3 months ago. I have the following questions: 1. I had a seroma and the area around the seroma is still... READ MORE

Is the scar worth it on a thigh lift/lipo? (photo)

I was looking at getting lipo with a thigh lift but am worried about the scar. I have to wear bike short style shape wear with dresses because of... READ MORE

My question is; with a thigh lift will the hidradenitis suppurativa scarring be removed at the same time?

100 pnd weight loss, with rny bypass. I have hidradentis supperativa ony inner thighs. READ MORE

Vertical medial thigh lift possible complications?

Preping for a vertical medial thigh lift. I have concerns with scarring in the groin area and puckering of scars where the anchoring stitches go. I... READ MORE

Should I get a medial thigh lift when I get my tummy tuck done? Is it worth it? (photos)

Hi. I have a tummy tuck scheduled and I want to do a mini thigh lift. I am wondering how bad the scaring is around the back of the buttock. Can't seem... READ MORE

Kind of Scar on tights lift... which one will I need? (photos)

Im thinking to do my thighs lift. But im little concern about the scar.... Also I Have dog ears that I want to fix at the same time. What kind of... READ MORE

What are realistic expectations for thigh lift? (photos)

I would like to know if I am a good candidate for thigh lift surgery. I have loose skin from weight loss. Are scars in the crease of my groin... READ MORE

Do I need thigh lift or some other thigh surgery? What kind of scarring will be left behind and how much can I improve look? (ph

I have lost a lot of weight and had a pannilecutomy. I had seromas form and had to have a debridment and wound closure. Now I am considering what to... READ MORE

Follow up to previous question "Is it normal to have wavy lumpy thighs after lipo

I had lipo 5 months ago and it left my inner thighs sagging and there is a wavy effect going down the inner thigh as well. Would a mini thigh lift... READ MORE

At age 67, is it worth a thigh lift, pain, scars, etc. or will it just sag again soon? What is recovery time, 6 weeks?? (photo)

I am scheduled for may 11 for full lift, maybe a medial and lipo is enough. never heavy , always 105-125 lbs, excercised, past 15 years skin got... READ MORE

1 month post op, how long does it take for the buckling of the retention sutures of a medial thigh lift to flatten out? (photos)

Surgery date 1/2017. Scars are healing well I just want to know how long will it take for the retention sultures underneath my skin to flatten out and... READ MORE

How can I find a doctor in Long Island that has a lot of experience with medial thigh lifts?

I have lost a great deal of weight. My makeovers (face, tummy, arms and breasts were done in CR) I plan to have a a medial thigh lift. I like the... READ MORE

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