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My question is; with a thigh lift will the hidradenitis suppurativa scarring be removed at the same time?

100 pnd weight loss, with rny bypass. I have hidradentis supperativa ony inner thighs. READ MORE

Thighs Lift Surgery and Gynecomastia Surgery at Once?

Hello my wonderful doctors, I just want to explain my situation and then i need your advice. I've lost 130 lbs and i have too much of excess skin. I... READ MORE

Can I do an inner thigh lift and a BBL at the same time?

I want a inner thigh lift and a bbl and lipo to the arms can it be done together ??? READ MORE

Would it be possible to have these procedures at the same time? (Photo)

Would it be possible to perform a bilateral thigh lift, groin incision. And carrying this around for a butt lift (as in a belt lipectomy) already had... READ MORE

Can an inner thigh lift, arm lift and posterior butt lift all be done together? (Photo)

I had a tummy tuck and breast lift and implants 4 years ago. I have lost another 20 lbs and want to address my inner thighs. I have excess skin under... READ MORE

Should I get a medial thigh lift when I get my tummy tuck done? Is it worth it? (photos)

Hi. I have a tummy tuck scheduled and I want to do a mini thigh lift. I am wondering how bad the scaring is around the back of the buttock. Can't seem... READ MORE

Can I have a thigh lift, tummy tuck, BBL and arm lift at once? (Photo)

I'm in need of a total revised body and can't decide what format and surgeries procedures to have...If u have an Body Lift can that also take care of... READ MORE

Can you have an inner thigh lift, liposuction on couple areas and a butt lift all in one surgery day?

Oh well looking at the question now it looks like a lot for one being. but let's hear from you the professionals. I would like my suite tailored per say! READ MORE

Follow up - Can thigh lift be performed at same time as lipo?

Out of 4doctors, only Dr Nichter addressed question. TY to all docs for their input, but please listen to the question asked. I had a board certified,... READ MORE

Can a brachioplasty and thigh lift with lipo on both areas be done at one time?

I am 29 yo female, 5'7, 170 lbs. I had weighloss surgery 1.5 years ago and lost over 140lbs. Id like to have a thigh lift with lipo and a... READ MORE

Can thigh lift be performed together with liposculpture and revision of the left breast? Possibly change left implant to bigger

Lipoescultura medial thigh lift and breast revision in one procedure. I have one breast implant smaller than the other after a lift with implants can... READ MORE

I need a thigh lift and a BBL can you get them both at the same time and what are the complications?

If both surgeries can't be performed together what surgery should come first? READ MORE

I'm interested in getting a thigh lift. Can that procedure be done with a spinal?

Should I have my breast enlarged at the same time to limit the amount of surgeries and recovery time? Or is it okay to do these procedures in stages? READ MORE

Is it possible to get an inner thigh gap, inner thigh lift and laser lipo on the tummy in one surgery session? (Photo)

I have lost some weight and my thighs are not so attractive. I had a tummy tuck 3yrs ago but I always had two pockets on either side of the cut. Which... READ MORE

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