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Time to do a minor skin lift in the inner thigh

I had inner thigh lipo and it left sagging skin. I wrote to real self where I received a lot of helpful info. Although my excess skin is minimal I... READ MORE

Is this normal after a thigh and buttock lift? (Photo)

I had a thigh and buttock lift 3 weeks ago. I was wondering if the scars that look like big ridges on my groin area are normal at this stage or is it... READ MORE

I Had a Consultation About a Thigh Lift and the Surgeon Recommended Doing One Thigh at a Time is This Normal?

I Had a Consultation About a Thigh Lift and the Surgeon Recommended Doing One Thigh at a Time is This Normal?  READ MORE

Is hardness of the thighs normal 8 days post inner thigh lift with horizontal incision? (Photo)

My thighs feel like the fat was sucked from them and replaced with cement. Thighs are very hard to the touch and kind of numb. Not red or hot to the... READ MORE

Thigh lift 2 weeks ago. Intense pain. Is this normal? (photo)

2 weeks after surgery I finally looked at the wound from this angle and this is what I saw. No wonder I can't sit at all and can barely move. Is this... READ MORE

Internal sutures poking from inside out. Is this normal?

The sutures from my thigh tuck are poking me from the inside out. This is causing me great pain. Before that they were sticking out. Now the skin is... READ MORE

Medial thigh lift post 3 weeks. Is this fluid normal? (Photo)

I had a thigh lift on 9-16-16 and I got my drains taken out a week after I have a site open on the left big and on the right a small hole and last... READ MORE

Yellow discharge from crease area after a thigh lift and rotten smell

3 weeks ago I had a 360 lower body lift and a thigh lift. 2 weeks ago my right thigh swelled and hurt. My PS said it is a superficial blood clot that... READ MORE

Opening in thigh incision. Is this normal>

At 3.5 wks post I developed an inch long opening in my thigh incision after spiral thigh lift it is deep as well. I am wet to dry dressing it and it... READ MORE

Swelling, redness, firm - normal? (Photos)

Hello, I had a thigh tuck 19 days ago. I had my left leg drain removed at 7 days post op & my right one removed at 10 days. I still have some... READ MORE

Is this engorged groin incision line normal? Could it be a hematoma? (photo)

My groin incision looked like most of the other incisions until about 10 days post-op and then it became reddish-purple. It hurts to the touch and is... READ MORE

Is it normal for this excess skin on my thighs to feel so very heavy? (Photo)

I now weigh 185lbs. Present weight loss, 199lbs. Is it normal for the excess skin on my thighs and legs to feel like bricks. This skin is so heavy... READ MORE

Swelling in calves, feet and ankles 8 weeks after medial thigh lift.

I am trying to understand why I have so much swelling in my calfs and feet. I had a medial thigh lift 8 weeks ago. The incision in both legs went past... READ MORE

How long does lymphedema last after surgery? (Photo)

I had a medial thigh lift with lipo on 7/25/14, about a month after surgery I started experiencing swelling in my right leg and foot. My doctor kept... READ MORE

I am almost 5 weeks out from an inner thigh lift with lipo. I am still having difficulty sitting in a chair.

I am almost 5 weeks out from an inner thigh lift with lypo. I am still having difficulty sitting in a chair. All of the incisions were in my growing,... READ MORE

Thigh lift looks terrible. Is it normal? (Photo)

My sis had à thigh surgry She didn't have slouch from Liposuction but was little pit from lift thigh anyway she make agin Liposuction and thigh ... READ MORE

Is labia pain normal after a thigh lift? If so, how long should it last? If not, what should I do?

I had a thigh lift 4 wks ago. I immediately had what I thought was urethra pain from my catheter. Now 4 wks later it's apparent the pain is not my... READ MORE

Lumps after spiral thigh lift. Is this normal?

I had a lower body lift and spiral thigh lift a year ago this September, I have noticed a few grape size hard lumps on scar in the groin. Is this scar... READ MORE

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