Loose Skin + Thigh Lift

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Any Good Options for Loose Saggy Skin on Thighs? (photo)

Help!! I'm 44, 5'5", 120lbs and have NOT lost any weight, i tried vella shape for some mi cellulite on the back of my legs five years ago, but they... READ MORE

Will a Vertical Incision Work For Tummy Tuck and Medial Thigh Lift

Is it possible to undergo a high lateral tension tummy tuck and a medial thigh lift with only a vertical incision at the same time. A surgeon advised... READ MORE

How Should a Medial Thigh Lift Be Done on an Extreme Weight Loss Patient?

How should a Medial thigh lift (inner Thigh) lateral thigh lift anterior thigh lift be done for a person that has lost over 100 pounds. There is a... READ MORE

What options do I have to treat the loose skin on my legs, thighs and ankles? (photos)

What are my options for my thighs and calves. And special a my ankles,(cankles).I have not been able to wear short, dresses, capris or a swimsuit... READ MORE

Is There Anything I Can Do for my Legs? The Skin is Very Crepy with No Skin Elasticity in Both my Thighs and Calves? (photo)

I am 53 yrs old, 5'8" and 133 lbs. I noticed my legs changing around 49 yrs old - I am so embarrassed of my legs at this point that I won't be seen in... READ MORE

What to Do About Large, Loose and Hanging Thighs After Medial Thigh Lift? (photo)

I had a tummy tuck and a medial thigh lift done on December 12, 2012. At first things seemed to be going well. Now, it seems that my thighs are loose,... READ MORE

I Have Wobbly Skin on the Thighs After Weightloss, is Liposuction Enough, or Do I Need a Lift?

During my second pregnancy, I gained a lot weight. Now, one year later, I have lost all the pregnancy weight (20 kg) and I am back in my old jeans!... READ MORE

How long does a thigh lift last and is it worth pursuing? (Photo)

I'm 5'6 and weigh 136 lbs. I started out at 320 lbs in 2010 and lost my weight quickly. It took me 20 months to get to my current weight. I had a... READ MORE

Is This Loose Skin on my Thighs? Or is This Normal? (photo)

I started using this cream call lipo shilloute 40 that's burn inches fat and makes body more toned. I used about a bottle and a half on my thighs and... READ MORE

The Skin on my Thighs is Very Loose and Sagging. Is There Any Noninvasive Treatment That I Can Do? Thank You

I am 66 years old and I work out three times a week playing racquetball for the last 35 years. I am not over weight. READ MORE

Following Liposuction on Thighs, Im Left W/loose Rolls of Tissue/skin/muscle/fat. Is TL Only Option?

Are most women who have loose skin/fat rolls/loose muscle tissue following liposuction on thighs having thigh lifts, or are there alternative... READ MORE

After Thigh Lipo, have Loose Skin. Looks Thick Like Muscle is Buckling on L. Quad. What's Better: TL or Increase Musc Mass?

My normal skin is thick, but not sure if what Im seeing is fat & skin or musc & skin. Considering TL, but been told that you can increase... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for an inner thigh lift? (photos)

27yo. Lost 90lbs through diet and excercise 4 years ago. I haven't been excercising much the past year or so and have noticed a major change in my... READ MORE

Will an inner thigh lift also help the loose skin above my knees?

I'm at my right weight and I have healthy eating habits. I have cellulite and loose skin all over my thighs. The rest of my body is is great shape. My... READ MORE

Loose skin/ crease: Will skin on my butt and thighs ever look firm again? 5 days post-op.

Will crease that now extends under my butt ever shrink? (He didn't touch the banana roll). Had lateral thigh lipo 5 days ago. Tumescent lipo with... READ MORE

Fat or loose skin? How do I get rid of my saddlebags and upper thigh flab? (Photo)

I am 35 with 2 kids. My outter thighs sag when lying down and now my thighs are starting to wrinkle. I have the face of a 26 year old but the body of... READ MORE

What is the difference in a medial thigh lift and an outer thigh lift?

I had loose skin from a prior lipo and wanted a tighter lifted appearance. My weight as always been stable but I just have the type of skin on my... READ MORE

Already had Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift/Massive Weight Loss/Buttocks and Thigh procedures. Any suggestion? (photo)

I have had 5 children and lost over 120 lbs. I have some loose skin on inner thighs but nothing like what I have seen on some people. My butt and back... READ MORE

Can I avoid a vertical scar during thigh lift and still get good results? (Photo)

I am scheduled for my thigh lift in 2 weeks. I've already had LBL, arm lift, breast lift/aug & lipo all over. I am 5-6" 145lbs size 4-6. I have loose... READ MORE

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