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Skin Tightening Option for Loose Upper Leg Skin?

I am 43 years old and although the rest of me is aging quite normally, the skin on my upper legs is saggy and thin and appears much older. I am not... READ MORE

Cream for Expanding Skin After Thigh Lift?

I had a leg/thigh lift and the result was not so good. The doctor did it 3 times to take up the scar, and at the end, he took so much skin. I don't... READ MORE

My lower half of my legs are sagging. Can I achieve any improvement with workout alone? (photos)

I have had two children with a 90 lb then a 70 lb gain and subsequent loss of weight from both. My youngest is now 7. I have had a tummy tuck and... READ MORE

Will weight loss after mini thigh lift and Liposuction make my legs sag again?

I still have 8 kilos to lose before my procedure. If i dont, is it ok to lose them after the procedure. Im not overweight but would like to lose more... READ MORE

I am experiencing a lot of edema in my feet and lower legs 2 months post op from a long thigh lift. Is this normal?

My right knee has a knot where it is inflamed, my left leg is now swelling too. I elevate my legs when I sit and lay down but after being on bedrest... READ MORE

Best procedure for thinner thighs? Had medial thigh lift approx 10 years ago. (photos)

I had a medial thigh lift approx 10 years ago after losing approx 6 stone in weight however this procedure didn't make a major improvement, and I have... READ MORE

Medial thigh lift, can the incision be hidden? (Photo)

Can I get a medial thigh lift without the vertical incisions down my legs and the horizontal incision across the butt cheeks? Can the incision be... READ MORE

Would a thigh lift improve my legs? (photos)

Legs don't look too bad standing, other than cellulite, but when I lean forward or lift my leg, all the skin hangs off. Would a thigh lift make the... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a thigh lift with or without liposuction post gastric bypass? (photos)

I am a post gastric bypass patient, maintaining weight for 5 years now (300lbs to 157lbs). I had a successful breast lift/aug and tummy tuck last year... READ MORE

What would you do with my legs? Had a consult but left with too many options. (photos)

I am 5'6 and 142lbs after a 103lb weight loss via weight watchers. I have two toddlers ages 2 and 3 so need a fairly quick recovery. Some of the... READ MORE

Should I be on an antibiotic after thighplasty? (photos)

On Sept 3 I had a thigh lift. The right leg is almost totally healed. But, the left side won't close up. I ask my Doctor if maybe going on an... READ MORE

How do I get rid of loose leg skin? (photos)

I was a little heavy as child, lost the weight to normal in Highschool. I have alway has extra skin on my legs. I am 48, 5ft 8, 122lbs.Thighs measure... READ MORE

Is there a thigh lift? Best case scenario, lift it to make my flat butt more shapely? (photos)

I am thin and active and 61. My legs have gotten so crepy and saggy I can't wear shorts or go to beach and am feeling like life is over. I was never... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Thigh Lift?

I had a thigh lift and my right leg got infected and the surgery had to be repeat. Now my leg is swollen and I had severe issues with my whole right... READ MORE

9 years after weight surgery - is it to late to remove skin from my horrible looking legs? Age 61.

Price and healing are my worries. I have a pace maker but other wise healty. Excess skin making walking hard and lower back pain,now in pain... READ MORE

Are the chances of labia spread reduced with the vertical incision?

I am get a thigh lift with the vertical scar down the leg. My Dr says he won't need to do anchor stitching but it is a real concern for me. I will be... READ MORE

2+ weeks post medial thigh lift. had drain added day 9 for fluid accumulated. Drain removed 3 days ago and seems fluid is back.

When I press on the area where fluid is creating a bulge the fluid moves to top of leg. I am keeping it compressed but fluid isn't draining. My fear... READ MORE

Pain all over body where cosmetic procedures were not done: neck, head, chest and upper back. (Photo)

Yesterday, I had a thigh lift and liposuction to the knees, outter legs and hip (flanks) area. My concern, ( I knew I'd be in pain the in the areas... READ MORE

What to do? Thigh Lift or address Lipedema with Liposuction First for post gastric bypass patient? My legs are huge! (photo)

I believe I always had a form of Lipedema passed to me from my mom. I have not been diagnosed but carry symptoms. I am almost to goal weight, upper... READ MORE

I Have Gotten a Bunch of Spider Veins All over the Back of my Legs That Weren't There Before is That Normal?

I had a LBL, spiral thigh lift with liposuction, mini tummy tuck, and fat grafting to buttocks. I had a few spider veins on the inner thighs as well... READ MORE

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