Inner Thighs + Thigh Lift

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Time to do a minor skin lift in the inner thigh

I had inner thigh lipo and it left sagging skin. I wrote to real self where I received a lot of helpful info. Although my excess skin is minimal I... READ MORE

What is a Thigh Lift?

How is this procedure is actually done? READ MORE

Treatment for Thigh and Butt Skin Laxity?

What is the best way to address the laxity on my butt and posterior thighs? Would an extended inner Thigh lift help? Scarring is not an issue for me;... READ MORE

Problems with Thigh Lift Scar Placement and Healing

I am 16 days post op from what was supposed to have been full body lipo with massive debulking of my thighs and inner thigh lift with short scar. I am... READ MORE

Will Smart Lipo Tighten my Inner Thighs Enough to Avoid Thigh Lift? (photo)

I am 59, 5'5" and weigh 148 lbs. I have always had saggy inner thighs and I hate them. 25 yrs ago I had a groin lift, but that is no longer holding. I... READ MORE

Is Hospitalization Required After Full Leg Lift (Inner, Upper & Outer)?

Had gastric bypass 8 years ago...had consult before ...but can not find a surgeon. Want to know where one is near my home & if hospitalization is... READ MORE

Thigh Lift Including the Inner, Outer and Posterior?

I am booked to have a Thigh lift. My doctor thought the inner and outer would be fine, but I would like a full Thigh lift. He says it won't be as... READ MORE

Unbearable Sutures Under Skin from Inner Thigh Lift?

I had a inner thigh lift years ago.My doctor must have used undissovable sutures under my skin in my legs because a year after surgery I could feel... READ MORE

Thigh Lift Possible with Lower Body Liposuction?

Can Thigh lift be done at the same time as hip, inner and outer thigh Lipouction, in conjuction with a belt lipectomy? READ MORE

Is This Loose Skin on my Thighs? Or is This Normal? (photo)

I started using this cream call lipo shilloute 40 that's burn inches fat and makes body more toned. I used about a bottle and a half on my thighs and... READ MORE

Will I be a good candidate for a thigh lift? (Photo)

Will I be a good candidate for a thigh lift surgery. What will be the best procedure, to enhance my inner thighs and give my hips curves? READ MORE

How can I get slimmer, firmer inner thighs? (photos)

Last year I lost about 12-15 lbs and it left me with this excess/saggy skin in my inner thighs. I can really notice it when I stretch my leg out... READ MORE

In a Medial Thigh Lift What is the Patient Positioning for Markup and Surgery?

Please describe the patient positioning for an inner thigh lift (incision) to knee for during both the markup pre surgery and during surgery. It seems... READ MORE

Will an inner thigh lift also help the loose skin above my knees?

I'm at my right weight and I have healthy eating habits. I have cellulite and loose skin all over my thighs. The rest of my body is is great shape. My... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for an inner thigh lift? (photos)

27yo. Lost 90lbs through diet and excercise 4 years ago. I haven't been excercising much the past year or so and have noticed a major change in my... READ MORE

Is hardness of the thighs normal 8 days post inner thigh lift with horizontal incision? (Photo)

My thighs feel like the fat was sucked from them and replaced with cement. Thighs are very hard to the touch and kind of numb. Not red or hot to the... READ MORE

Inner thighs. What kind of surgery would I need? (Photo)

What kind of Surgery would i need? Inner or outer ,or both? READ MORE

Incision for Medial Thigh Lift?

Hi, I am scheduled for a MEDIAL THIGH LIFT and will be receiving the long incision on the inner thigh. My question is is there another part of the... READ MORE

Do my inner thighs need to be re-stitched? Is this normal or should I be worried?

I had an inner thigh lift 16 days ago and my scars started opening and are very painful. My PS said this is commin and has advised me to cover with... READ MORE

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