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Time to do a minor skin lift in the inner thigh

I had inner thigh lipo and it left sagging skin. I wrote to real self where I received a lot of helpful info. Although my excess skin is minimal I... READ MORE

Options to Remove Redness and Bumps from Thigh Lift and Liposuction?

Here are the pics. Is there anything that can be done to help reduce redness in Thigh Lift scars? The skin seems to be stretched and pulled and it is... READ MORE

Thigh Lift then Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation 2 Days Later?

I am a female who has had a gastric bypass 4 years ago. My weight is stable and I'm in good health. Due to excess skin, I am having thigh lift... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Combine Breast Lift, Thigh Lift & Tummy Tuck?

28 yr old female, with 3 children. I feel like I have a lot of excess skin in fat in my abdominal region. I am interested in a tummy tuck and inner... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate For Revision Thigh Lift? (Photos)

My scars for my thigh lift go almost completely around my thighs they do not go around the outside, I still have a small amount of loose skin on the... READ MORE

Do Inner Anchoring Stitches Take Longer to Heal Than Dissolving Outer Stitches?

I have a couple of questions. Do the inner anchoring stitches take longer to heal than the dissolving outer ones? Why do incisions blow... READ MORE

Is It Worth Having a Thigh Lift in Your 50's?

I would like to get rid of the excess skin on my thighs after Tummy Tuck surgery but considering my age and the cost, is it worth it? I'm happy with... READ MORE

Teenage Thigh Lift

I'm 18 years old and I've lost 75 lbs. through lifestyle changes. I noticed that I now have loose skin on my thighs. It isn't much,... READ MORE

Thigh Lift Including the Inner, Outer and Posterior?

I am booked to have a Thigh lift. My doctor thought the inner and outer would be fine, but I would like a full Thigh lift. He says it won't be as... READ MORE

Why won't my leg heal? Pending 2nd revision leg due to seroma, excessive swelling, leg leaking, & infections. Any ideas? (Photo)

Female, age 52, 200 lb w/l, great health, non-smoker. Hernia repair w/TT, leg & arm lift. Compression worn knees to elbows 24/7 for 8 wks. 3-4 wks... READ MORE

Why Do I Have to Cream the Scars After Thigh Reduction Surgery?

Why do I have to keep creaming the scars after my inner thigh and arm skin reduction and how long for ? thanks marisa READ MORE

Would a groin incision thigh lift give me okay results. (photo)

5'2 - 120 # RNY 10/2013 weight loss 80#. I am almost 60. Work out with weights . The third photo shows me pulling up thigh skin with my elbow while... READ MORE

Unsure of what procedure to have done "next", to get me to my ultimate goal. Should I get a Thigh Lift? (photos)

Scheduled for breast lift w/implant 04/14.Concerned with way my scars heal, huge ugly scars like one on my tummy.Can I get a large implant to balance... READ MORE

My question being how long before I notice results or for swelling to dissipate etc? (photo)

Gastric bypass 11 years ago and weighed 239 lbs, Lost 120 lbs. TT Feb 09. 3 weeks out medial thigh lift/posterior belt lipectomy. see no difference on... READ MORE

I am considering a thigh lift. What are the negative consequences of the groin incisions? (Photo)

I lost 160lbs w/WLS 8 years ago & 40lbs in the last 2 years w/running & tissue removal. I had a body lift & arm lift 12/13 (very happy with results,... READ MORE

What would be the best thigh lift procedure for me - lateral, medial, or spiral thigh lift? (Photo)

On the last question I asked it looks at if I wouldn't need a tight lift but that's not the case. I would love to be able to wear shorts and skirts. I... READ MORE

I don't like the long scar left after a thigh lift. Is there an alternative? (Photo)

I am a 47 year old female. I lost over 100lb and am 20 lbs away from my goal weight! I need a lower body lift. I would like a Brazilian but lift. My... READ MORE

knee and thigh, body lift. (photo)

I want a knee lipo, reduction and thigh lift. Help. Has ruin my life for years.. just getting worst. Help. see photo attached READ MORE

Medial Thigh Lift Complications ( Want tattoo after IVC filter and transfusions)

I had a medial thigh lift with some serious complications * feel free to read my review*. One of which was bi lateral pulmonary emboli. I have an... READ MORE

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