Excess Skin + Thigh Lift

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Posterior Thigh Lift After Liposuction?

After having liposuction of the circumferential thighs, I have a small amount of loose skin on the back of my thighs, just below the buttock crease.... READ MORE

Can a Woman in Her 60s Have a Medial Thigh Lift?

Can women in their sixties, in good health have extensive procedures such as medial thigh lift with excess skin being excised? Are plastic surgeons... READ MORE

Would getting a thigh lift help with skin starting to sag around my knees?

I'm interested in a thigh lift procedure . I have some excess skin that won't go away with exercise. I did lose 60 lbs awhile back. But I wanted to... READ MORE

Am I candidate for medial or lateral thigh lift? I wants to wear shorts again. (photos)

Ever since I had my 1st daughter 13yrs ago my legs haven't been the same. They are a saggy especially in my inner thighs. I started working out with a... READ MORE

Varicose Veins and Thigh Lift-What are the main recovery issues?

I need a thigh lift but have a number of varicose veins on the front of my thighs from having been morbidly obese and having had two full term... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a thigh lift with or without liposuction post gastric bypass? (photos)

I am a post gastric bypass patient, maintaining weight for 5 years now (300lbs to 157lbs). I had a successful breast lift/aug and tummy tuck last year... READ MORE

Medial (mini?) Thigh lift? (photos)

Hello and thanks to whomever takes the time to answer my qustion. I have a bulge with moderate excess skin in my upper inner thigh between my legs... READ MORE

Should a vertical medial thigh lift include groin incisions? (Photo)

I had my vertical thigh lift 16/11/14 after 185lb weight loss, however my legs still have a lot of excess skin in the upper inner thigh. I questioned... READ MORE

Severe, intermittent pain following thigh lift revision, what could be causing this? I'm really frustrated and need a solution.

Inner thigh lift 1 yr ago, 7 wks ago had a revision for excess skin at knee area. Recovered fine, but about 3 wks ago started having intermittent... READ MORE

Which Thigh Lift For best result? Groin/buttock incision or vertical incision? (photo)

I went for a thigh lift consult today and the procedure suggested was a groin/buttock incision. I think I need a vertical incision also to deal with... READ MORE

Is it possible to have inner thigh debulking followed by excess skin removal several months later?

Despite having gastric bypass surgery years ago (lost over 130), I still have abnormally large inner thighs along with loose skin. It looks as though... READ MORE

Has any insurance approved a thigh lift?

I have been a yo-yo dieter and mostly overweight my whole life. My weight has been from 125 up to 380 lbs. I currently weigh about 230 lbs and still... READ MORE

During a thighplasty/ thigh lift, is the muscle tightened as well, or is the skin and fat only removed?

After loosing 85 pounds, I had a full abdominoplasty and now I am trying to decide if I want to do a thigh lift. Will this procedure tighten muscle... READ MORE

What surgery will I require to correct the excessive skin on my thighs due to weight loss over the years? (Photo)

See attached photos that shows the excessive skin on my thighs, i would appreciate good medical advise . iam 37 years old, 1.75 tall and weigh 61kg i... READ MORE

Would a thigh lift help my situation with regarding the skin on my legs? I've lost 165 lbs. (photos)

I started at 320 pounds, and I've managed to shed about 165 pounds; by body building & the gym. Sense being obese at such a young age, the skin is... READ MORE

Thigh lift can be done one leg at a time? (Photos)

I've just been told by my surgeon that my thigh lift surgery may have to be done 1 leg at time , 3wks.apart ,due to too much excess skin from weight... READ MORE

Is it normal for this excess skin on my thighs to feel so very heavy? (Photo)

I now weigh 185lbs. Present weight loss, 199lbs. Is it normal for the excess skin on my thighs and legs to feel like bricks. This skin is so heavy... READ MORE

LBL & short scar medial thigh lift planned. Will these do the trick or do I need an FDL long scar thigh lift to knee? (Photos)

80 lb loss/2 kids. I had a TT and BL in 11/15. Since then I have disliked excess skin leftover in my upper abdomen. Within the first few months postop... READ MORE

I had a gastric sleeve on March 31 2015. What are my chances of getting excess skin removed? (photo)

My weight was 398lbs and I've lost 215 lb in my first year. In Sep 16 2016 I was approved by my insurance for a full tummy tuck they removed skin... READ MORE

Not being able to urinate without standing up going to resolve itself? I'm 1 week post of of medial thigh lift.

?I'm one week post operative of a medial thigh lift where i had a lot of skin removed down the inner thighs.I'm one week post operative of a medial... READ MORE

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