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How Much Does a Thigh Reduction Procedure Cost?

I just had Tummy Tuck 7 weeks ago and would like to have thigh reduction. How much does a thigh reduction cost and what all does it involve?  Thanks. READ MORE

How Much Does a Thigh Lift Cost?

How much does a thigh lift cost? For the average person, is the price of a thigh lift difficult to pay out of pocket? READ MORE

Removal of Excess Skin to Thigh Area - Cost?

Excess skin to thigh area want removed after bariatric surgery. is it expensive? READ MORE

Cost of Thigh and Buttocks Lift in Texas?

What's the average cost of thigh lift and butt lift in Texas? I researched it and came around 7,750 and with liposuction at around 10,000 for the... READ MORE

I Am Interested in Having a Thigh Lift Procedure? (photo)

I am interested in the thigh lift procedure. I have recieved a quote from a plastic surgeon that I have used before. I feel his quote is a bit high.... READ MORE

What is the Cost for an Inner and Outer Thigh Lift?

Have always "hated" my legs. as I get older, realize they were not so bad after all, but now have lost a lot of weight. Sagging skin both on the... READ MORE

How much would a medial thigh lift cost in South Florida? (photos)

I have lost 120 lbs through simply diet & exercise and have kept the weight off for 10+ years. At that time I had lipo done in the thigh region in my... READ MORE

Leg surgery for muscular legs (Photo)

Good morning, as you can see from the pictures my problem as always been my big muscles right above my knees. I am quite thin and this makes it more... READ MORE

How much is a thigh lift?

I had a tummy tuck, lipo, BBL and my breast i need a tight lift i lost 90lbs and in between my legs are flabby all i need is the tight lift as my... READ MORE

What sort of thigh lift do I need? (Photo)

I lost about 30kgs 4 years ago but I still had saddle bags so I had liposuction on the inner and outer thigh. It really changed the shape of my legs... READ MORE

How much is a Thigh Lift?

I live in Elizabeth NJ. Do you have any Dr. in NJ READ MORE

Is it possible to have a revisional surgery if I am unhappy with my medial thigh lift results?

I recently had a medial thigh lift done, but am unhappy with the results as there is still quite a bit of loose skin around my inner thighs. I am also... READ MORE

How much for thigh lift, tummy tuck and boob lift?

Had gastric bypass would like to know how much it is for thigh lift tummy tuck boob lift READ MORE

Will a thigh lift help with the appearance of cellulite? (photos)

I lost 40lbs as a teen and then carried two babies to term. I have always been very self conscious of my legs and even though I weight train and run... READ MORE

How much would it cost to get an outer thigh lift (non-removal of skin) and a fat transfer into that "new hip" area?

I was looking to get a fat transfer to my hips. After reading a lot of reviews, I discovered that fat won't really survive in that area/won't appear... READ MORE

What is the average cost of a thigh lift in Minnesota?

What thigh lift options are available in Minnesota, and what are the average associated costs? READ MORE

What is the cost of thigh and arm lift in Canada or in states close to Ontario?

Female,26,3csections. Soon to be bariatric patient. Looking for costs on thigh and arm lifts close by for this time next year. Before children: 150... READ MORE

I had a gastric sleeve on March 31 2015. What are my chances of getting excess skin removed? (photo)

My weight was 398lbs and I've lost 215 lb in my first year. In Sep 16 2016 I was approved by my insurance for a full tummy tuck they removed skin... READ MORE

Thigh lift or lipo/ smart lipo/ thermitight etc. (photos)

I have loose skin on inner thighs ( maybe it is fat ? I can grab it by a pretty good handful and it looks wrinkled when I walk ) I am needing same on... READ MORE

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