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Thigh Liposuction Vs. Thigh Lift

I want to get plastic surgery to improve/reduce my thighs, and I'm having trouble figuring out whether I need liposuction or a thigh lift. My... READ MORE

Thigh Lift Scars: Vertical vs. Horizontal

I had a liopscution in May and planning to do thigh lift as i have saggin in the inner thigh and little sagging from outer thigh. i heard is vertical... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between a Sprial Thigh Lift and a Medial Thigh Lift?

Is there a difference in the way these two are performed or are names used interchangeably? Also is is safe to have a lower body lift and a medial... READ MORE

Do Inner Anchoring Stitches Take Longer to Heal Than Dissolving Outer Stitches?

I have a couple of questions. Do the inner anchoring stitches take longer to heal than the dissolving outer ones? Why do incisions blow... READ MORE

Thigh lift or lipo? (Photo)

Hi, I am a very healthy person and take care of my self, I workout and eat right however several women I workout with have repeatedly pointed out that... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Thigh lipo vs lift for a gap. Would like to avoid scars already have arm lift and Tummy Tuck. (photo)

Would like to get thigh lipo no lift I had lipo about 10 years ago but it was mild and I walked home from CPW 59th. He didnt leave good results didnt... READ MORE

What is the difference in a medial thigh lift and an outer thigh lift?

I had loose skin from a prior lipo and wanted a tighter lifted appearance. My weight as always been stable but I just have the type of skin on my... READ MORE

Inner thigh liposuction or thigh lift? (Photo)

I'm 5'3" tall and weigh 135lbs. I've always had large thighs even at my lowest weight (118lbs) Diet and exercise haven't really helped. Which... READ MORE

Thigh lift or liposuction? (Photo)

Hello doctors! I have lost a considerable amount of fat and weight. Last year, I had a tummy tuck to remove the apron skin that was hanging, and now... READ MORE

Should I get a thigh lift or smart lipo? I also would like to know how I can fix my knee indention? (photos)

I want to get rid of my inner thigh area that seems to me to hang a little and fat on back of leg it seems so large for my upper body. Would a groin... READ MORE

Lift or lipo on inner thighs? Also best way to get rid of dimples besides diet and exercise? Surgery recommendations? (Photo)

Not happy with the appearance of dimples in my legs, butt or my inner thighs rubbing. I eat organic and exercise at min 3 days a week, cardio, weights... READ MORE

Would I benefit from getting inner thigh lipo or inner thigh lift? (Photo)

After 2 pregnancy and weight gain and loss from it I was left with fatty pocket deposits so to speak. One of my legs has more of a bulge on inner... READ MORE

Would an inner thigh lift or liposuction be the best option for me?

The top of my legs have a bubble of fat I call it. Would you do a lift or liposuction . Sorry I don't have pics. Thank you for taking the time t... READ MORE

Medial or vertical thigh lift?

I had a medial thigh lift in 1986 and the skin on my inner thighs has become very lax again . Having seen three surgeons they all say I have to have a... READ MORE

Do I need a thigh lift or does liposuction work? (Photo)

I have always wanted to slip down my thighs and also my legs in general. Would I need thigh lift or would liposuction be fine. Also, is it possible to... READ MORE

What to do? Thigh Lift or address Lipedema with Liposuction First for post gastric bypass patient? My legs are huge! (photo)

I believe I always had a form of Lipedema passed to me from my mom. I have not been diagnosed but carry symptoms. I am almost to goal weight, upper... READ MORE

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