After Weight Loss + Thigh Lift

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Removal of Excess Skin to Thigh Area - Cost?

Excess skin to thigh area want removed after bariatric surgery. is it expensive? READ MORE

Thigh Lift: Groin Incision Or Incision Down the Leg Based on the Amount of Excess Skin/fat That I Need Removed? (photo)

43yr old female 150lb weight loss. Weight is stable & I'm happy w/my size 8/10. Not happy w/saggy skin I know there will be a scar. At my age I'm... READ MORE

Can These Thighs Be Fixed? After Losing 100 Lbs, the Thighs Are Ugly and I Just Want to Hide. (photo)

There is nothing uglier to me than the way I look in anything across the area between my knees and lower torso. Ugh.. stretched out skin, genetics,... READ MORE

Thigh Lift or Lipo? (photo)

For as long as I can remember my thighs have always been big wit lots of cellulite! Even after losing weight (40lbs) my thighs still looked... READ MORE

Thighs Lift Surgery or Thighs Smart Liposuction? (photo)

I've lost 150lbs, and it has been two years hitting a plateau. I feel my thighs are heavier than my rest of my body and i guess they are full of fat.... READ MORE

Is Thigh Lift Too Risky, Should I Just Be Happy? (photo)

I lost over 200 lbs in the past yr w/the Gastric Sleeve. Had LBL 3 weeks ago, complications- internal bleeding, second surgery the same night to stop... READ MORE

Is Hospitalization Required After Full Leg Lift (Inner, Upper & Outer)?

Had gastric bypass 8 years ago...had consult before ...but can not find a surgeon. Want to know where one is near my home & if hospitalization is... READ MORE

Attn: All Doctors That Specialize in Post Massive Body Contouring - What Can You Do for my Thighs? (photo)

There is a great difference in the doc you may choose for a "mommy makeover" vs. those that specialize in Post Massive WL patients. Out of the latter... READ MORE

I Have Wobbly Skin on the Thighs After Weightloss, is Liposuction Enough, or Do I Need a Lift?

During my second pregnancy, I gained a lot weight. Now, one year later, I have lost all the pregnancy weight (20 kg) and I am back in my old jeans!... READ MORE

How long does a thigh lift last and is it worth pursuing? (Photo)

I'm 5'6 and weigh 136 lbs. I started out at 320 lbs in 2010 and lost my weight quickly. It took me 20 months to get to my current weight. I had a... READ MORE

Uncommon to Have Thigh Lifts Performed for Poor Elasticity and Crepiness Due to Genetics Rather then Major Weight Loss? (photo)

Is it unusual for women to seek thigh lifts without prior major weight loss? I understand that surgery seems to be the only way to help correct poor... READ MORE

I'm unhappy with large dents on my hips and overall contour after thigh lift. Can I expect my dr to pay to fix it or do I?

I had a thigh lift done in 2012 after losing 130LBS I have leg swelling predominantly my right leg I am unhappy with the results of my thigh lift. I... READ MORE

Thighs Lift Surgery and Gynecomastia Surgery at Once?

Hello my wonderful doctors, I just want to explain my situation and then i need your advice. I've lost 130 lbs and i have too much of excess skin. I... READ MORE

Can I get a leg lift after weight loss?

I lost 100 pounds with lap and and saw a plastic surgeon for a leg lift. He said one wouldn't be a let to do it. I've see people who've lost more than... READ MORE

What type of thigh lift? (photo)

I have lost 100lb had gastric band 5year ago breast augmentation few years ago and tummy tuck today but thighs have a lot of skin laxity. What would... READ MORE

Do I need a thigh lift or will lipo work? (Photo)

I lost about 65lbs after lap-band surgery and my thighs are excessively large and I'm forming saddle bags on the outer left side. As much diet and... READ MORE

is there an alternative to thigh lift surgery?

I have lost weight dieting ,exercise but my inner thighs are saggy ugly I have researched Carboxy Therapy Will that work combined with velashape? READ MORE

Is an inner thigh lift a good idea? (Photo)

I was always an average sized female until two years ago when I became pregnant with my first child. I ended up gaining 100 pounds, but two years... READ MORE

I don't like the long scar left after a thigh lift. Is there an alternative? (Photo)

I am a 47 year old female. I lost over 100lb and am 20 lbs away from my goal weight! I need a lower body lift. I would like a Brazilian but lift. My... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a thigh lift with or without liposuction post gastric bypass? (photos)

I am a post gastric bypass patient, maintaining weight for 5 years now (300lbs to 157lbs). I had a successful breast lift/aug and tummy tuck last year... READ MORE

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