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If Thermage is So Great, How Come People Say They Don't See Results?

My doctor recommended Thermage for the loose skin on my neck, jowls and eyelids, but I don't know anyone who has done it and I don't really think it... READ MORE

Does Thermage Work for Jawline Sagging and Jowls?

I am 44 am just starting to have sagging in the jawline. Is Thermage right for me? My skin is in good condition otherwise, but the little jowls that... READ MORE

How Long Do Thermage Results Last?

I am thinking about getting Thermage for my turkey neck and some facial skin tightening but I don't want to have to go back every year for more... READ MORE

What Do Doctors Use Thermage to Treat?

Is thermage only for wrinkled face or can it do other things for skin and body?  thank you! READ MORE

If Thermage Didn't Work for You, Why Will E-Matrix? Both Are Radio Wave.

It's the 5th day after my 1st E-matrix treatment. Sunspots, pores and skin laxity have NOT IMPROVED AT ALL. No one can tell I've have anything... READ MORE

How Long Does Thermage Last in Eye Area?

I had Thermage done last June (about 11 months ago) at a spa, and I did not like the results. It was too tight, at first I had darkness, and I seemed... READ MORE

Bad Results After Thermage for Eyes

I had thermage eyes with horrible results. What could have possibley gone wrong? READ MORE

How many passes are done with Thermage for optimum results?

I had Thermage treatment to my thighs today. The nurse did one pass at a level of 3.5. After reading many articles on the procedure, if seems as... READ MORE

Thermage CPT intensity?

I had it done this afternoon on my face by a nurse at a reputable dermatologist clinic. I saw immediate result, does that mean I won't see more... READ MORE

Thermage, exilis and endymed for loose skin/cellulite on thighs?

Female. 35 years old in great shape. I lift weights and look very fit. Tiny middle and upper body but thighs have loose skin and cellulite. All things... READ MORE

Should you see results from Thermage CPT at 2 months? or when?

I had Thermage CPT done about 2 months ago and don't notice anything. When should I start seeing noticeable results? What is your experience with this... READ MORE

Is eyelid Thermage contraindicated for a patient who has formally had transconjunctival blepharoplasty?

I had transconjunctival blepharoplasty back in 2002 and was interested in trying lower eyelid Thermage to refresh my results and potentially improve... READ MORE

Is thermage the best choice? Does it really work?

I had vaser lipo on my abdomin about a month ago, I know I am still healing but I have some extra skin(from 2 babies born via c-section) and some... READ MORE

Is thermage effective if done again a few years later to achieve better results?

I lost a significant amount of weight and had loose skin, but not quite bad enough for surgery. I had thermage on my stomach and butt/thighs about 3-4... READ MORE

Lipo+Thermage immediately after for saggy stomach skin. (photos)

I am 24. Currently have a 13m old. I am trying to avoid a tummy tuck at all costs as I find even the best results are often unnatural looking. I have... READ MORE

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