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Thermage or Titan for Loose Skin After Pregnancy

My profile picture is what my stomach looks like 2 years after giving birth to my son,but I will include to pictures below. My husband wants to have... READ MORE

Thermage for Male Breast Fat Removal

Is Thermage for male breast fat removal or reduction appropriate? READ MORE

What is the better option to tighten loose facial skin; Thermage or thread lift? (photos)

What is the better option to tighten loose facial skin? I have drooping jowls and sagging cheeks ( hereditary) not sure which will be more effective... READ MORE

Is Thermage Good for Tightening Under Eye Creepiness?

I love botox, but it causes my big cheeks to move UP instead of to the side & up (cause of crows feet).. so, it's working to prevent more... READ MORE

Thermage? Vanquish and Exilis? (Photo)

I am 41 and have dimpling fat on my butt and thighs. I exercise and still nothing. I tried slim lipo and the doctor made a mistake with my buttocks so... READ MORE

Is Thermage my Best Option? (photo)

I am 36 and in shape. I'm 125# & my face makes me look tired and like I weigh much more. I see how half my face is more "droopy" and my jowls and... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for Thermage on stomach area? I'm 6ft, 115 lbs with three kids. (Photo)

Hi, I'm a mommy of 3 kiddos 7,6, & 1years old. stats -6ft, lean/athletic build 155 pounds and been working out and eating a lot healthier.My stomach... READ MORE

My jaw line is lumpy after Ultherapy, 1 year. Is this my new collagen? Can you fix this with Thermage? (Photo)

I'm one year out. Will Theramge make it worse? 500 lines and now I'm a drooper. I live in LA. I don't want to fry myself any further. Is there a way... READ MORE

Thermage or Ulthera for lax skin around the eye? Are they safe? (Photo)

I am just starting to get lax,slightly crepy, skin between the eyebrow and the eyelid. I also notice less collagen and firmness under the eye and... READ MORE

I am looking for the most effective skin tightening for the tummy that is non invasive. (Photo)

I am NOT considering a tummy tuck as I have very little fat and not looking for perfection. I'm just looking for an improvement. I've been researching... READ MORE

So many choices for non surgical rejuvenation. Late 40s and in need of overhaul.

I can't make up my mind. I am going back and forth between Thermage, Thermismooth, Fraxel and many others. I need an overall lift or tightening of... READ MORE

Will gaining weight back reverse saggy thighs? Is Thermage of some use?

I lost 20 kgs in one year & my thighs have become saggy n wrinkled. can gaining the 20kgs weight back will reverse it? Should i gain the weight back... READ MORE

Is there such thing as tightening? The Ultherapy pics are awful. They look dead. Skin, eyes, glow, character, gone

That is not my idea of a good time. Does Thermage do this too? Are there any options or is this all scandal fake marketing. Acupuncture, microcurrent?... READ MORE

Will a non-surgical procedure like Thermage help me with this loose skin? (Photo)

I'm a 35 year old mother of an 11 year old. I'm 5'2" 116 lb. I'm excercicing and eating healthy but need some extra help with loose skin around my... READ MORE

Laser and Thermage. How often does it have to be redone once the skin is tightened?

How often does the laser or thermage have to be redone once the skin is tightened? READ MORE

Thermage or Affirm for Under Eye Bags?

What are the procedures get rid of under eye bags? What about Affirm or Thermage to tighten and get rid of the fat bulge? READ MORE

Is Starlux 1540 Recommended for Thin Under Eyes and Droopy Eyelids? (photo)

Hi yesterday i got thermage cpt done on my face at 4-5 level, and abdomen at 3-4 sometimes it was pretty painful. Anyway Im hoping for the best. I did... READ MORE

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