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Tummy Thermage vs. Mini Tummy Tuck for Loose/orange Peel Skin?

I can't decide between Thermage or mini tummy tuck. I had a child at age 20 and had no visable stretch marks and minimal loose skin. Now I'm... READ MORE

Thermage or CO2 Laser for Tightening the Skin on the Face?

I'm 41yrs old and considering Thermage or CO2Laser for tightening the skin on face, under eye and neck. I am starting to get a turkey neck.... READ MORE

Do I Need Liposuction or a Tummy Tuck? Is Cryolipo or Thermage an Option?

I had my son a year ago and I hope to get back to my pre-pregnancy body if possible. I gained 36 lbs and lost most of it except for 2 lbs. The extra... READ MORE

Will Thermage Help with Loose Skin Around the Knees?

 It is mostly from sun damage. I am 51 and moderately active, in pretty good shape.  I just hate the skin above my knees READ MORE

Thermage or Titan for Jowls and Loose Neck Skin?

I'm 47, starting to get a little jowly, and seeing a little turkey neck. I don't have the $8K for a lower face lift, and I want to stave off the... READ MORE

What is the better option to tighten loose facial skin; Thermage or thread lift? (photos)

What is the better option to tighten loose facial skin? I have drooping jowls and sagging cheeks ( hereditary) not sure which will be more effective... READ MORE

Will Thermage Work for Me? (photo)

I lost 90lbs and have loose skin on my chest arms and stomach im 18 i need to know if it will work. in the picture u can see what i mean READ MORE

What is the best option for my stomach: Thermage, Tummy Tuck or Fraxel?

I am thin and fit but after 2 pregnancies, my stomach has tons of stretch marks and skin laxity, mostly around belly button area. I don't know if I... READ MORE

Thermage - Will It Work on Loose Skin Post-Pregnancy?

Will Thermage address my post-pregnancy loose skin issues? I had the procedure done a week ago and have noticed some improvement already. How will it... READ MORE

Need an Opinion for the Thermage Treatment for Hanging Belly

Hi I'm a fitness freak but had to undergo an appendix operation a few years back, which has left me with a hanging tummy and I'm unable to get... READ MORE

Is Thermage an option to tighten loose skin under eyes? (Photo)

I'm 33 & unhappy with the loose skin under my eyes. I had 1 Total FX treatment a year ago & didn't notice any difference. I know it probably takes... READ MORE

Will Thermage or Any Other Non Surgical Operations Help Me? (photo)

Saggy and uneven after lipo...Can Thermage help my lose skin? Im not worried about the stretch marks but the lose and uneven skin after lipo is awful.... READ MORE

Can Thermage Help Breast Implant Capture Construction? Or Will it Make It Worse?

I have 3rd grade C.C. on one side and minor loose skin , I am planning to have thermage for my breast loose skin, and not sure the thermage may help... READ MORE

Genetically loose skin since early childhood , can it benefit from Thermage?

My arms,belly, lovehandles ,legs and but skin floppy and loose, im 54 looking ok but geneticly loose skin since early childhood what does really help, ? READ MORE

Thermage or tummy tuck, which would improve my saggy skin and belly fat? (Photo)

Hi are there anyone can give me suggestion which way can improve my saggy skin and belly fat?I am also a mum of 2kids. Thanks! READ MORE

Hi. Could you please suggest the best solution for the loose skin under my chin? (photo)

I have a bit of surplus fat underneath my chin and loose skin and also the start of jowls as well. What do you think would be the best solution to... READ MORE

Is Thermage a good choice to tighten loose skin and elephant knees on thighs?

I work out regularly and only weigh 98 pounds, and I'm 53 years old. I don't have a great deal of loose skin, but its just enough to make me... READ MORE

Thermage, exilis and endymed for loose skin/cellulite on thighs?

Female. 35 years old in great shape. I lift weights and look very fit. Tiny middle and upper body but thighs have loose skin and cellulite. All things... READ MORE

T3 Vs. Thermage for Moderate Loose Skin in the Abdominal Area After a C-section?

Hi doctors, i was told that T3 laser treatment is more advanced than Thermage and can give same results maybe better for moderate skin tightening of... READ MORE

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