Jaw Line + Thermage

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Thermage on Neck and Jaw, Does It Work?

Doctor, Im in my 40s and I feel the skin around my jaw and neck are sagging a little and make me look older. I'd like it tightened. Some... READ MORE

Thermage on Neck and Jaw Line After Weight Loss?

Clearly, I have other issues with my skin, but I'm interested in reducing the loose skin which appears to be caused by a significant weight loss in... READ MORE

Thermage on Jawline - Will It Work?

I Am 25 and Want to Do Thermage to Tighten the Fat on my Jawline. Will It Work? READ MORE

Sagging Salivary Gland - Will Thermage Help?

Went for fillers (juverderm which turned out great) and asked about the loose skin on my left jaaw throat line..He said it was a sagging saliva gland... READ MORE

I Am 62 Yeas Old and Have Been on the Thin Side my Whole Life. Will Thermage Work on Me? (photo)

I would like to have my face, jawline,neck and d├ęcolletage done if my skin is suitable. READ MORE

Is unwanted facial fat loss still a risk with the 3rd generation Thermage machine with CPT tips?

Some people have reported unsightly fat loss on their face, requiring correction with fillers, after using Thermage. My dr is suggesting I try the 3rd... READ MORE

What's up Doc? I had Ultherapy and now it's a year and my jawline is messy. Would Thermage help?

I am a 35 year-old model. I was trying to keep up over here. My face tightened, and became really thin. It did not bother me. A year later, I am so... READ MORE

I am a 60 yo male and am considering Thermage for tightening my jowls and jawline. I have a very short, trimmed beard.

Will I need to shave it off completely or can I crop it very short but not completely before the procedure. READ MORE

My jaw line is lumpy after Ultherapy, 1 year. Is this my new collagen? Can you fix this with Thermage? (Photo)

I'm one year out. Will Theramge make it worse? 500 lines and now I'm a drooper. I live in LA. I don't want to fry myself any further. Is there a way... READ MORE

Thermage cost for the jawline area only in NYC-NJ area

What is the average cost of Thermage for the jawline area in NYC-NJ area? Note it is just along the jawline, nothing else. I had three vials of... READ MORE

Is Thermage After Blepharoplasty Safe?

I was born with "droopy eye" and "jaw winking". At age 55 I had Blepharoplasty and as part of the procedure, the doctor connected... READ MORE

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