Crepey Skin + Thermage

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Thermage for Crepey Skin on Upper Arms?

Is Thermage a good choice for crepey skin on upper arms? If not, what altermatives are there? READ MORE

Does Thermage Work on Legs?

After having Liposuction years ago, the skin on my thighs looks like an elderly woman's --crepey and with much more cellulite. When I am sitting or... READ MORE

Would Thermage CPT or Ultherapy tighten crepey skin on a healthy , not overweight woman of 60? Thank you

Certified fitness instructor for 28 years, now seeing crepey skin on triceps area. If neither procedure is recommended, is there an alternative? I... READ MORE

Is Thermage Good for Tightening Under Eye Creepiness?

I love botox, but it causes my big cheeks to move UP instead of to the side & up (cause of crows feet).. so, it's working to prevent more... READ MORE

I have under eye bags and crepey hooded upper lids. Would Thermage be an effective treatment? (photo)

I am 39 and I have puffy under eye bags and slight hooding with slight crepiness of the upper eyelid. Will thermage help rectify this? I have tried... READ MORE

Thermage/Ultherapy or mini facelift?

Which is more effective, Thermage/ Ultherapy or a mini facelift? I would like to treat the slight sagging around the jowls and neck, also a bit of... READ MORE

Rough crepey dry/thin skin in the dark circle area. Dr suggested Thermage

No matter how much moisturizer i put under my eyes in the dark circle area, after a hyaluronidase treatment from two years ago, the tear through area... READ MORE

I had a thermage treatment feb 22, 2017. I'm scheduled for a clear lift treatment April 5, 2017? (Photo)

I'm a young 73. Skin is pretty good. It's the pores getting larger, age spots and crappy skin when I smile on cheeks and around eyes I'm tackling now.... READ MORE

Is eyelid Thermage contraindicated for a patient who has formally had transconjunctival blepharoplasty?

I had transconjunctival blepharoplasty back in 2002 and was interested in trying lower eyelid Thermage to refresh my results and potentially improve... READ MORE

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