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Does Thermage CPT Really Work?

A doctor suggested i have Thermage CPT to tighten-up sagging skin. Said Thermage CPT has much improved vs. old thermage.  Since i see thermage is... READ MORE

Refirme Vs. Thermage?

I had Thermage about a year ago. Had good results. The procedure was painful!!! Also very costly. Is Refirme as costly, and how long do the results... READ MORE

How can you thicken skin under the eyes, especially tear trough area? I heard fraxel and Thermage are good. What about creams?

I have thin skin under my eyes and would like to thicken this, especially th tear trough area. I heard fraxel and Thermage is the best option. If... READ MORE

Tummy Thermage vs. Mini Tummy Tuck for Loose/orange Peel Skin?

I can't decide between Thermage or mini tummy tuck. I had a child at age 20 and had no visable stretch marks and minimal loose skin. Now I'm... READ MORE

Is Thermage CPT Really Better Than Old Thermage?

I have been looking at two different doctors. One has done thousands of the procedures with the old Thermage machines. Her cost is $1600 and she is a... READ MORE

Thermage CPT V Ultherapy V Titan

For facial skin tightening what would be the BEST option? I have been reading the reviews and advice but am still unsure. Specifically, my... READ MORE

Thermage CPT or Fraxel Repair for Tightening Eyelids?

Is Thermage CPT with no downtime or Fraxel Repair with 5 days downtime best for tightening upper and lower eyelids? Thanx READ MORE

If Thermage Didn't Work for You, Why Will E-Matrix? Both Are Radio Wave.

It's the 5th day after my 1st E-matrix treatment. Sunspots, pores and skin laxity have NOT IMPROVED AT ALL. No one can tell I've have anything... READ MORE

What Kind of Result Can I Expect Using Sublime Skin Contouring on my Face Vs. Thermage?

What Kind of Result Can I Expect Using Sublime Skin Contouring on my Face Vs. Thermage? READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Indiba Vs Exilis Vs Thermage?

I have been doing quite a lot of research about this three machines. As i know they are all radio frequency, but some of the friends of mine tried... READ MORE

Thermage or Sculptra for Thin, Sagging Skin?

I'm 49 and have typical Irish skin. It looks clear, but it is quite thin and beginning to sag. I'm considering Thermage, but following a conversation... READ MORE

Thermage Vs Exilis Vs Titan for Skin Tightening?

I have to go for skin tightening procedure this week ,i want to consult that which amongst is best for skin tightening and please tell me the... READ MORE

Thermage and Smart Lipo vs. Tummy Tuck and Smart Lipo

I'm cosidering having surgery and have had a couple of opinions (previous patients) that suggest smart lipo + thermage as opposed to mini... READ MORE

Thermage VS Pelleve ? Which is better for orbital area lax skin and collagen production?

I am trying to decide between Pelleve and Thermage for lax brow skin and the beginning of some orbital wrinkling. I do not like botox or fillers, so I... READ MORE

What's the Difference Between Thermage and Radiage?

I had Thermage 3 years ago, and need another treatment. I heard about RADIAGE. some say RADIAGE is stronger and better than THERMAGE, while others... READ MORE

Thermage CPT Vs NXT

What's the difference for the new model CPT vs NXT? is it worth to pay more to do CPT? READ MORE

Thermage vs. Thermage CPT

Is the Older Thermage Equipment As Good As the Newer Thermage Cpt? READ MORE

Thermage? Vanquish and Exilis? (Photo)

I am 41 and have dimpling fat on my butt and thighs. I exercise and still nothing. I tried slim lipo and the doctor made a mistake with my buttocks so... READ MORE

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