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Does Thermage Work for Cellulite?

Does Thermage work for cellulite?  I know the older skin tightening Thermage device didn't exactly get rave reviews, so I don't want to get... READ MORE

Does Thermage Melt Fat?

Does Thermage melt fat?  I read somewhere that Thermage melts fat and can actually make your sagging skin worse as a result.  Is that... READ MORE

Thermage on Dimply Thighs and Buttocks?

Will Thermage help my thighs and buttocks look less dimply and smoother? I am petite (size 2 or 4) and I do not really need to lose weight. However, I... READ MORE

How Effective is Thermage for Thigh Cellulite?

Has anyone had any luck with Thermage on their thighs? I have had 12 treatments of Mesotherapy and have seen results but I was wondering if anybody... READ MORE

Does Thermage Work on Legs?

After having Liposuction years ago, the skin on my thighs looks like an elderly woman's --crepey and with much more cellulite. When I am sitting or... READ MORE

Does Thermage Help Sagging Inner Thighs and Overall Cellulite?

Does Thermage help sagging inner thighs and overall cellulite to total thigh area? READ MORE

Thermage Better Than Velasmooth for Cellulite?

Is Thermage more effective than Velasmooth for the treatment of cellulite? READ MORE

Thermage for Cellulite on Athletic Body?

I am an athletic female with low body fat, measured around 14%. I had lost around sixty five pounds eight years ago.I know it's not healthy to get... READ MORE

Thermage for Cellulite (In my Late 20's)? (photo)

I called a cosmetic surgeon's office inquiring about cellulite treatment, and they recommended Thermage for my upper-thighs/buttocks area. I am at a... READ MORE

Thermage, exilis and endymed for loose skin/cellulite on thighs?

Female. 35 years old in great shape. I lift weights and look very fit. Tiny middle and upper body but thighs have loose skin and cellulite. All things... READ MORE

Will medicaid cover Thermage for cellulite?

Will medicaid cover thermage for cellulite??.......I have it on my but in 3 spots and at the top of my legs, does medicaid cover this? READ MORE

Wrinkles and cellulite on thighs post weight loss. Will Thermage or laser help?

I lost 20kgs in one year through diet and gym post weight loss my thighs are looking saggy n cellulite looking more prominent. I gained 10kgs to fill... READ MORE

Will thermage tighten loose skin on thighs?

Age 23 female.post 20kgs weight loss thighs hv got wrinkles and a bit of cellulite. Gained 10kgs back but not much improvement. Are there any non... READ MORE

Is Thermage Pain Long Term?

I am scheduled for Thermage on both my legs for cellulite. After reading some reviews, I am a little worried. Can the pain last long term? Can the... READ MORE

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