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Is It True That Thermage Can Cause Damage to Skin's Elastin Fibers?

I read that while Thermage can create new collagen, it actually damages Elastin so I'm wondering if this is actually true and if so, wouldn't... READ MORE

Is Antilax Better Than Thermage?

Does Thermage really work and is it really as painless as people say? They got no benefits from Thermage according to other. But some say it works for... READ MORE

Thermage or Titan for Jowls and Loose Neck Skin?

I'm 47, starting to get a little jowly, and seeing a little turkey neck. I don't have the $8K for a lower face lift, and I want to stave off the... READ MORE

Optimal Timing Between IPL, Thermage and Laser Skin Resurfacing?

50 year old male fair complexion/dark hair w/ moderate issues with freckling/large pores/redness and skin laxity on face/neck. Looking at a series of... READ MORE

Thermage for Droopy Eyes and Puffiness Under Chin?

I'm a 45-year-old lady and I've been doing IPLs and now considering Thermage for slight eye drooping and puffiness under chin. I'm a Cali girl. ... READ MORE

Titan for "Turkey Neck" After Thermage Stops Working?

I'm 53 and am happy w/my face except for the vertical cords of loose skin on my neck. I've had Thermage 3x, each about a year apart and... READ MORE

Does thermalift work for sugging face at the age of 46?

Which is the best among thermage, ulthera radiofrakance & thermalift? Thank u READ MORE

Anyone Know Which is Better-Thermage Vs. Ablative Lasers Vs. Lifestyle Lift?

Can anyone offer comment on the pros and cons of Thermage vs. ABlative lasers vs. Lifestyle Lift or suggest the best minimally or non-invasive... READ MORE

Is Thermage a Better Choice for Heavy Lines and Deep Creases?

I have heavy lines around the lip and area and deep creases at the end of the mouth down the chin. I am 47 and have had a very stressful life. I am... READ MORE

I need skin tightening and lifting. What is the difference between Thermage and Titan.

I know that Thermage has changed quite a bit over the years, it's more effective and less painful. I am in my late 40s, olive skin and face lift is... READ MORE

Is Thermage a good choice to tighten loose skin and elephant knees on thighs?

I work out regularly and only weigh 98 pounds, and I'm 53 years old. I don't have a great deal of loose skin, but its just enough to make me... READ MORE

Thermage or Ultherapy? 48 female appropriately aging, facial skin-pros and cons to both?

Are these treatments safe? Effective? Any long term health issues? Scarring/lumping possibilities? Skin cancer relationship? Looking on the internet... READ MORE

So many choices for non surgical rejuvenation. Late 40s and in need of overhaul.

I can't make up my mind. I am going back and forth between Thermage, Thermismooth, Fraxel and many others. I need an overall lift or tightening of... READ MORE

Thermage or Fractora Firm for loose skin on back of thighs? (Photo)

I am 53, thin and fit, but have loose skin just on the back of my thighs. It doesn't sag when I stand with straight legs, but when I walk or relax the... READ MORE

48 and not happy with my stomach and love handles. What's the best alternative treatment? (Photo)

I have tried 3 different procedures ionithermie, thermoge, and a vacumme sucking thing that was very painful. What can I do that will actually work?... READ MORE

Will Thermage help will crinkly skin? (Photo)

I am 49 slim and fit with minimum fat. My tummy arms and legs Still have shape but with some sagging despite lots of gym work. My breast are small and... READ MORE

Thermage skin procedure cost and ratings. (photo)

Ive had a lower face and neck lift, I'm 47 and it was succeseful .. but would like the best advice on tightening skin and helping with skins overall... READ MORE

Difference Between Sciton Contour TRL and Thermage?

What is the difference between Sciton Contour TRL and Thermage? I had Thermage on the face 2 years ago to improve a sagging jawline and loose skin... READ MORE

How Long It Will Take to Do Thermage from the Neck Down and What Will Be the Cost of That

I will have a face lift but I want to have my body firm again .I'm 52 years old and want to have the late 30's look.Can that be achieved with... READ MORE

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