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Does Thermage Work for Jawline Sagging and Jowls?

I am 44 am just starting to have sagging in the jawline. Is Thermage right for me? My skin is in good condition otherwise, but the little jowls that... READ MORE

Will Thermage Tighten Minimal Sagging Under Chin and Upper Neck?

I am a 39-year-old female, very fit (lost all my pregnancy weight and am in excellent shape). However, I now have a bit of a "turkey neck"... READ MORE

Is 36 Year Old Too Young for Thermage?

I am 36 years old and I am considering Thermage. I have fair, tight skin and have subtle signs of aging (little sagging around my mouth). But is 36... READ MORE

Is It OK to Get Thermage if You Have Already Invested a Lot in Fillers Like Restylane?

I have had Restylane put in several locations on my face. If it weren't for the fillers, I would have a substantial amount of sagging under the... READ MORE

Can Thermage Help with the Fat Pads Under the Eyes?

I have puffy eyes due to the fat pads under my eyes.I had this all my life, I was told by two dr that the only thing I could do was to have them... READ MORE

Will Thermage Help Sagging Knees on Thin Person?

I am 44, w/ youthful Face. Over the years, as most women, i've gained/lost "same 10Lbs"; now past 8-9 yrs i am Chron. UNDERweight due to... READ MORE

Too Much Fat Loss After Thermage CPT

I had thermage cpt 3 months ago (the power was 4) and i realise if my face is getting old now and i have fatt loss on my face. I am 35 years old. 6... READ MORE

Fat Atrophy Possible After Thermage on Thin Skin?

Remarks about fat atrophy frightened me a bit. I am 42 years old and my dermatologist told me that I have aged well with limited sagging. I have been... READ MORE

Thermage? Vanquish and Exilis? (Photo)

I am 41 and have dimpling fat on my butt and thighs. I exercise and still nothing. I tried slim lipo and the doctor made a mistake with my buttocks so... READ MORE

Thermage Nxt or Cpt?

I am 35 looking to achieve a more contoured and tightened look using non invasive procedures. My derm pushed me towards Thermage The confusion is... READ MORE

Thermage or mini face lift?

My age is 38 and my husband is 8 yrs younger to me. due to lot of weight loss my face skin has sagged and jaws have started drooping down. i want to... READ MORE

Is Thermage my Best Option? (photo)

I am 36 and in shape. I'm 125# & my face makes me look tired and like I weigh much more. I see how half my face is more "droopy" and my jowls and... READ MORE

40 Male Year Old Told to Consider Thermage. Does It Work? (photo)

Hello, I've been consulting with doctors about doing some work on my face. I've been clearly told that a facelift is not the option to consider. A... READ MORE

When I smile I have many lines on my cheeks. I also have some issues with sunspots. Would Thermage or Ultherapy help? (Photo)

41 Year Old Female - Use Obagi and TRIA Anti-Aging laser. It's not that I don't want any lines when I smile, but I have so many, and I really am... READ MORE

What's up Doc? I had Ultherapy and now it's a year and my jawline is messy. Would Thermage help?

I am a 35 year-old model. I was trying to keep up over here. My face tightened, and became really thin. It did not bother me. A year later, I am so... READ MORE

Thermage a good alternative to a tuck? (photo)

I am h absolutely petrified of the idea of a tummy tuck as my skin generally doesnt heal very well after operations and I hate the scarring. I would... READ MORE

Looking for a plastic surgeon in London (UK) to repair Thermage damage.

My face has been badly damaged by Thermage at the age of 40. I have lost most of my fat to my temples, cheeks and chin,my eyes are pulling down due to... READ MORE

I have gold thread implants in my face and neck. Is it safe to do Thermage?

I underwent Gold Thread implant surgery in Europe 14 years ago. It's a quite routine preventive procedure. It worked great preserving my face all... READ MORE

Thermage, exilis and endymed for loose skin/cellulite on thighs?

Female. 35 years old in great shape. I lift weights and look very fit. Tiny middle and upper body but thighs have loose skin and cellulite. All things... READ MORE

Told I'm not a candidate for eyelid surgery (Asian monolid). Eyelid Thermage at the same time as full face Ultherapy? (Photo)

44 year old Asian w/crepey monolids. Collagen production seems good and skin is still fairly thick. Was told blephoplasty adds a fold to monolids to... READ MORE

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