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Anticipating Thermage Side Effects

I had the Thermage done and I had very little improvement after 2 days, I know I have to wait for 6 months. I had no swelling or any other problem; I... READ MORE

If Thermage Didn't Work for You, Why Will E-Matrix? Both Are Radio Wave.

It's the 5th day after my 1st E-matrix treatment. Sunspots, pores and skin laxity have NOT IMPROVED AT ALL. No one can tell I've have anything... READ MORE

Is IPL Safe After Thermage Treatment?

Can the use of these two procedures (done about 1 year apart) cause excess melting of fat under the skin? READ MORE

Bad Thermage Results?

Does bad Thermage results start right from day 1, even if you had no bad reactions after having it done? READ MORE

Laser Skin Tightening Procedure Without Pain?

Is there a laser skin tightening procedure that is not painful? I could not tolerate the pain from Thermage on my cheeks and mid-face, although on my... READ MORE

Skin Under Eye Damaged - Are There Any Non-invasive Ways to Correct Problem?

I had Botox for (crow's feet)and then Thermage with bad results. The Botox is just about gone, but the Thermage applied under my eyes to fix... READ MORE

Will Aspirin Affect Thermage Results?

I had Thermage eyes yesterday morning. By afternoon I developed corneal abrasion from eye shields. Blurry vision, intense pain. I took 6 aspirin in a... READ MORE

Too Much Fat Loss After Thermage CPT

I had thermage cpt 3 months ago (the power was 4) and i realise if my face is getting old now and i have fatt loss on my face. I am 35 years old. 6... READ MORE

I Have Just Had Thermage 3 Days Ago. is It Ok to Do Filler Now for Nasafobal Line?

Any risk to do filler for nasafobal line now as i jus had thermage 3 days ago READ MORE

Do I Need Another Treatment Other Than Thermage?

Is it possible I would need other treatments than Thermage for my nasolabial folds, crows feet and frown lines? I am only 41 years old. Do you have... READ MORE

Is There a Reason I Had Better Results with Thermage Than with TITAN?

I had one Thermage procedure about two years ago and based on comments from people who only saw me occasionally, I looked a burden had... READ MORE

Swollen Eyes After Thermage

I had Thermage 20 days ago in my forehead and eyes. My eyes are very swollen and puffy, especially in the morning, and the skin is dry and my eyeslids... READ MORE

Thermage for Cellulite on Athletic Body?

I am an athletic female with low body fat, measured around 14%. I had lost around sixty five pounds eight years ago.I know it's not healthy to get... READ MORE

Titan for "Turkey Neck" After Thermage Stops Working?

I'm 53 and am happy w/my face except for the vertical cords of loose skin on my neck. I've had Thermage 3x, each about a year apart and... READ MORE

Creams to Avoid After Thermage?

What face creams and or face treatments should i avoid after thermage READ MORE

5 mths post Thermage to face, I have side effects that include, swelling,creeping sensation in eyes and gaunt, wrinkly skin.

I had thermage procedure on whole face 12/20/13. I was told not bad side effects at all??? Since then, eye swelling, then fat in a mjor way - pins and... READ MORE

Is This Normal After Lipo?.. Can Thermage Help my Skin Condition?

I've done lipo on my knees (on the top) and a bit on inner thighs in 3 months ago. The results is good. After the fat removed on the top my knees,... READ MORE

Thermage Nxt or Cpt?

I am 35 looking to achieve a more contoured and tightened look using non invasive procedures. My derm pushed me towards Thermage The confusion is... READ MORE

How Long Does Thermage Last in Eye Area?

I had Thermage done last June (about 11 months ago) at a spa, and I did not like the results. It was too tight, at first I had darkness, and I seemed... READ MORE

Bad Results After Thermage for Eyes

I had thermage eyes with horrible results. What could have possibley gone wrong? READ MORE

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