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I have lumps after Teosyal Redensity II treatment. Is this normal? (photos)

2 days ago i had my Teosyal Redensity II treatment under my eye area done. Immediatly after the procedure i had smal lumps/bumps on the spots were i... READ MORE

Is my Lip Being Swollen and Painful 4 Days After Teosyal Kiss Normal?

I had my top lip injected with Teosyal Kiss (My first time doing it) 4 days ago now to balance it with my bottom lip. The surgeon said he only put in... READ MORE

Why is the area above my top lip very swollen after lip filler Teosyal Kiss injection? (Photo)

I had lip filler with teosyal kiss injection 2 days ago. The area above my top lip is severely swollen making me look like a monkey. I had an issue... READ MORE

Is bruising normal 4 days after teosyal filler? (Photo)

I had my chin and cheeks injected with Teosyal 4 days ago, as for my cheeks it was not my first time, I am used to it , but it was first time for my... READ MORE

Will my Duck Beak Go Down?

On Thursday I got Teosyal Kiss injections in my top lip. However it is now Sunday and my lip is still incredibly swollen (with a lump on the left... READ MORE

Teosyal eye hollow filler. Is it going to change or should I go for Hyaluronidase to reverse the effect? (Photo)

I had teosyal on my eye hollows 1 week ago,the area where I got the filler looks swollen and has a green-ish color,I spoke to my Dr who says it's a... READ MORE

I had 2ml Teosyal filler 2 weeks ago, and I'm still swollen and uneven. What can I do? (Photo)

I had 2ml of teosyal injected 2 weeks ago (have had filler previously and told my practitioner) My lips were extremely swollen the next day (1st & 2nd... READ MORE

Teosyal lip filler. Any suggestions?

I had 1ml Teosyal lip filler yesterday and now my Top lip feels hard n sore n really swollen, although the swelling has started to go down is this... READ MORE

Under eye teosyal Density 2 (Photos)

I had restyline filled under eyes Dec 16 I had noticed that my eyes were very puffy. Beginning of January I then had the filler removed but as you can... READ MORE

I had Redensity 2 on my tear trough, it was swollen for a month?

I had Rededsity 2 on my tear trough, it was swollen for a month, my doctor hyaluronidase them several time but the swollen won't go away. I can touch... READ MORE

Redensity 2 gone wrong Is there anything that I can do to make it better? Could this be a case of overfill? (photos)

I had Redensity II ( 1ml) injected for the first time under my eye hollows three weeks ago, but the area around my eyes is still swollen. Thank you. READ MORE

Botox and toesyal filler 3 weeks ago my right eyelid has drooped. Under eye and eyelid have swollen. (photos)

Is there anything I can do to ease this. I've never had a reaction before to Botox or Radiesse, many thanks. READ MORE

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