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Is my Lip Being Swollen and Painful 4 Days After Teosyal Kiss Normal?

I had my top lip injected with Teosyal Kiss (My first time doing it) 4 days ago now to balance it with my bottom lip. The surgeon said he only put in... READ MORE

I have lumps after Teosyal Redensity II treatment. Is this normal? (photos)

2 days ago i had my Teosyal Redensity II treatment under my eye area done. Immediatly after the procedure i had smal lumps/bumps on the spots were i... READ MORE

Will my Duck Beak Go Down?

On Thursday I got Teosyal Kiss injections in my top lip. However it is now Sunday and my lip is still incredibly swollen (with a lump on the left... READ MORE

Is bruising normal 4 days after teosyal filler? (Photo)

I had my chin and cheeks injected with Teosyal 4 days ago, as for my cheeks it was not my first time, I am used to it , but it was first time for my... READ MORE

Why is the area above my top lip very swollen after lip filler Teosyal Kiss injection? (Photo)

I had lip filler with teosyal kiss injection 2 days ago. The area above my top lip is severely swollen making me look like a monkey. I had an issue... READ MORE

Teosyal eye hollow filler. Is it going to change or should I go for Hyaluronidase to reverse the effect? (Photo)

I had teosyal on my eye hollows 1 week ago,the area where I got the filler looks swollen and has a green-ish color,I spoke to my Dr who says it's a... READ MORE

I had 2ml Teosyal filler 2 weeks ago, and I'm still swollen and uneven. What can I do? (Photo)

I had 2ml of teosyal injected 2 weeks ago (have had filler previously and told my practitioner) My lips were extremely swollen the next day (1st & 2nd... READ MORE

Redensity 2 gone wrong Is there anything that I can do to make it better? Could this be a case of overfill? (photos)

I had Redensity II ( 1ml) injected for the first time under my eye hollows three weeks ago, but the area around my eyes is still swollen. Thank you. READ MORE

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