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Lip Augmentation Gone Wrong Because of Lip Sensitivity?

I hope somebody can help me and give me answers to a problem which has made me cry day after day. I had my lips done by a doctor around 3 months ago,... READ MORE

Using Teosyal Global Action for Lips Instead of Kiss?

I had my lips injected for the first time ever when I was in Bali using teosyal global action. I am fairly happy with the results although it has been... READ MORE

My Whole Top Lip Has Swollen After Teyosal Injections. Should I Worry?

I've woke up after teosyal injections yesterday and my whole top lip is like a duck. its like ive been puched, is there something wrong? READ MORE

Whiteish lumps after lip fillers 3 days ago: will this go? (Photo)

I had lip fillers with teosyal kiss on Friday in my top lip so it was more symmetrical with the bottom lip as this was much bigger to start. I have... READ MORE

Big lump in mouth after having Teosyal Kiss injected into lips? Is this normal? It's painful. (Photo)

I had Teosyal Kiss injected into my lips on Friday, so not been long. My bottom lip on the left is very swollen. On the inside is a lump, that formed... READ MORE

How do I get rid of collection of blood bumps from my lips after Teosyal kiss filler? (photo)

I got teosyal fillers on my lips and nasolabial lines. A week later I went to add more bc I thought my lips were thin, and still looked sad, so she... READ MORE

Is it normal to have swelling above the top lip after teosyal kiss injections? (photos)

I had teosyal kiss injection into my lips last night and above my top lip is very swollen. I look a bit like a monkey and the lip is prodruding... READ MORE

I Was over Injected with Teosyal Kiss and Fortelis Extra - 3.5 Years Ago?

It was injected into my lips and the area on top of my lips as well. Anyway...most of the product has disappeared.... but I know this product has... READ MORE

How many syringes will I need for a dramatic Kylie Jenner look ? (Photo)

I had teosyal injections last December (1.5 seringes ) I inky like the 2nd day result because of the swelling then it was like nothing was done .. I... READ MORE

4 Weeks Post Teosyal Kiss: Two Bumps above Injection Site (Photo)

HI I had this done four weeks ago although my top lip looks ok I'm talking my actual lip above my lip where it was injected has been left with two... READ MORE

Is this filler above my lip? (photos)

I previously posted a question similar to this. I then had the lump of filler dissolved. I waited months and then had my lips done again (this time... READ MORE

Lip fillers gone wrong- entitlement? (photos)

I had lip fillers two weeks ago with teosyal kiss on my upper lip. I like the size of my upper lip now however it is unbearably lumpy and lip sided in... READ MORE

Bad Teosyal results, doctor is willing to adjust my lip with filler or Hyaluronidase? (photo)

Better to dissolve it, adjust it or both? I have been using fillers for 6 years.This time the doctor that did a great job last time failed using... READ MORE

I had my lips injected with Teosyal kiss fillers approximately 3 weeks ago, but I still have a bump on my inner lower lip

Externally my lips have almost completely healed and settled in their place however i still have a bump on my lower inner lip. is that something... READ MORE

Will Teosyal Redensity Lift my Skin & Prepare It for Other Treatments?

It's about Teosyal Redensity-a year ago I had a fat graft done to my cheeks & lip area & it worked on upper cheeks, but a lot seems to have... READ MORE

Enormous Lips & Swelling Aftern Teosyal Kiss - Should I go to emergency? (Photo)

Friday evening i had 1 injection of Teosyal Kiss into my lips. 3/4 on top lip and 1/4 on bottom lip. The lips were in pain throughout the night and... READ MORE

Will my lips ever go back to how they used to be after being injected with 2ml of teosyal?

I was injected with 2ml of teosyal 2-3weeks ago and am extremely dissatisfied with the results. They just look really fake and stick out from my face... READ MORE

Teosyal lip nodule (photos)

Hello i was injected today with teosyal and i have a lip nodule which makes my lip look horrible. I would like to know if when the effect dissapears... READ MORE

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