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Teosyal or Juvederm for Restoring Cheek Volume?

I would like to go get injectable fillers to restore the volume of my cheeks, and the doctor recommended me Teosyal or Juvederm. I'm not sure which to... READ MORE

I look worse after Redensity. What can I do? (photos)

Had redensity injected round my crows feet but have been left with fat pads on cheeks and hollowed out eyes. I'm hiding behind glasses and look awful... READ MORE

Teosyal Filler in Cheek: Left with Swelling and Discoloration

My cheek are verry swoulen and my skeen discolor im realy dapress can you help please? antibiotic is not working READ MORE

Uneven cheek fillers with Teosyal ultra deep. What should I do? (Photo)

See photo. About a week ago I had 1.7mls of Teosyal Puresense Ultra Deep injected into my cheeks and contour. As you can see- on one side there is a... READ MORE

Can I Go to the Beach a Day After I've Had Teosyal Injected into my Cheeks if I Stay out of the Sun? (photo)

I had teosyal filler injected into my cheeks earlier today. I live in dubai and really want to go to the beach tomorrow.can I go if I keep my face out... READ MORE

Is bruising normal 4 days after teosyal filler? (Photo)

I had my chin and cheeks injected with Teosyal 4 days ago, as for my cheeks it was not my first time, I am used to it , but it was first time for my... READ MORE

What can I do to get rid of the lumps on my cheeks caused by teolylsal redensity 2?

I was injected a month n half ago with teolylsal to cover up my cicatrix on my cheeks…but it has caused lumps all over my cheeks that look h... READ MORE

Is that normal to still feel pain after Teosyal?

It's been 24 hours since teoysal was injected in cheeks and there's two small lumps on cheeks, under eyes feel sore and it still hurts when I bend down. READ MORE

Will Teosyal Redensity Lift my Skin & Prepare It for Other Treatments?

It's about Teosyal Redensity-a year ago I had a fat graft done to my cheeks & lip area & it worked on upper cheeks, but a lot seems to have... READ MORE

Can small amount of fillers that have migrated to nose be dissolved?

8 months ago I had my cheeks injected with Teosyl Ultra and my smile lines injected with Juvudurm, since then my nose started losing it defintion,... READ MORE

Teosyal vs. Juvederm for lips, under eyes and cheeks?

I have been getting juvaderm and I am interested in the difference between juvaderm and teosyal for lips, under eyes and cheeks. Also, is this a... READ MORE

Under eye teosyal Density 2 (Photos)

I had restyline filled under eyes Dec 16 I had noticed that my eyes were very puffy. Beginning of January I then had the filler removed but as you can... READ MORE

Bad experience with Teosyal ultra deep in cheeks . How long will it usually last until my body absorb it?

Hello. 3 weeks ago I go to plastic surgery and she put me teoysal ultra deep in my cheeck on her suggestion. I wanted just nasolab. I am so sad... READ MORE

I had Teosyal Redensity II in my tear troughs months ago. It created a line in my cheek. How can it be fixed?

I had Teosyal Redensity II in my tear troughs months ago. A line was created on my cheek on one side. It's as though there is either too much product,... READ MORE

Is swelling normal in cheeks after Teosyal injections ?

I had Teosyal Cheek Injections yesterday afternoon. The left side of my cheeks are more deflated than my right, so more product was injected (2 ml in... READ MORE

How should this be treated? Infection or Biofilm after injection with Teosyal Deep. (Photo)

I got cheeks injections with Teosyal deep 2.5 weeks ago. 2 days ago all of a sudden I developed over night an erythema which ist slightly painfull and... READ MORE

Fillers migration have distorted my nose and the area around the nose

I had the smiles lines & my cheeks injected with teaosyl 4 months ago, 2 weeks post injections i noticed the area around my nose + my nose look really... READ MORE

Teosyal Ultra Deep for cheeks?

Hi can you give me any information on Teosyal Ultra Deep for cheeks please? Is it a good filler and longevity etc. I hadn't heard of this product... READ MORE

Do I have festoons and if so, how can this be treated? (Photo)

Hi, I have puffiness in my upper cheek area. I am wondering if these are festoons and what is the possible treatment for this. I currently have a bit... READ MORE

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