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Using Teosyal Global Action for Lips Instead of Kiss?

I had my lips injected for the first time ever when I was in Bali using teosyal global action. I am fairly happy with the results although it has been... READ MORE

Lip fillers gone wrong- entitlement? (photos)

I had lip fillers two weeks ago with teosyal kiss on my upper lip. I like the size of my upper lip now however it is unbearably lumpy and lip sided in... READ MORE

I Received Teosyal Injected 14 Days Ago, and I'm Not Happy With the Results. Will the Plumpness Go Down?

The vermillion border was injected as well as the lip, but it is too duck like, i have small lips and the whole shape now is odd, it looks weird when... READ MORE

I had 2ml Teosyal filler 2 weeks ago, and I'm still swollen and uneven. What can I do? (Photo)

I had 2ml of teosyal injected 2 weeks ago (have had filler previously and told my practitioner) My lips were extremely swollen the next day (1st & 2nd... READ MORE

I had Redensity 2 in my tear troughs 2 weeks ago, my left eye is bruised, is this normal?

Hi I had redensity 2 in my tear troughs 2 weeks and 2 days ago one eye was perfect but my left eye bruised quite bad and is still there I have noticed... READ MORE

Teosyal Redensity II; Under eye circles not gone after 1.2 ml injected for both eyes. What happened? Thanks! (photo)

Hi! I just had 1.2ml of Redensity II to treat my Under eye circles. It was perfect right after the injection. The nurse was really satisfied as well.... READ MORE

How should this be treated? Infection or Biofilm after injection with Teosyal Deep. (Photo)

I got cheeks injections with Teosyal deep 2.5 weeks ago. 2 days ago all of a sudden I developed over night an erythema which ist slightly painfull and... READ MORE

I'm two weeks post- Teosyal Kiss injection in my lips, and still experiencing pain? Is this normal? (photo)

I got Teosyal lip injections two weeks ago, but most product was used in my upper lip. With my bottom lip, the filler has superficially formed an... READ MORE

Tear Trough Fillers Gone after 2 weeks, how many ml do you think I need? (photos)

I had Teosyal on 30th March, and by the time I'd gone for my 2 week check up, the hollows are back. I have very hollow eyes and this is what I wanted... READ MORE

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