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What is the Best Professional Teeth Whitening?

For a long time my teeth have bothered me. Too yellowed and stained to even smile much.  Before i just pick up some random teeth whitener, can... READ MORE

How can I clean the yellow brown spots from my teeth? (photo)

They have been since my childhood. Will cleaning help? I'm scared to try cleaning coz ppl say that it will cause gums to loose their grip. Pls help READ MORE

Teeth Whitening for Teeth with Thin Enamel?

How do I whiten teeth with thin enamel that shows the dentin? I had acid reflux that is now under control. However my teeth are now yellow in hue due... READ MORE

Teeth Bleaching Vs Laser for Teeth Whitening?

What is best...teeth bleaching or laser treatment? Which of these gives the best finished result and which one keeps the color for longer? READ MORE

Zoom Vs Home Teeth Whitening System?

I need to get Teeth whitening done. But I am confused about the home teeth whitening (bleaching ) treatment and the Zoom treatment. Is the Zoom... READ MORE

24 Hours After Whitening, my Two Front Teeth Have Yellow Stains and Yellow Streaks. I Eat White Food Only?

I have completed 4 weeks of teeth whitening using take-home custom-made trays from my dentist. I used 10% and 16% carbamide ( mostly 10%, only used... READ MORE

Any Advise About Supersmile Products for Teeth Whitening?

I want to try Supersmile for teeth whitening, but worried about sensitivity. Any advice? READ MORE

Would composite resin over front teeth work?

Is it possible to place composite resin over front teeth? My teeth are yellow but they are straight. I don't want to shave them down for veneers. I've... READ MORE

Front Tooth Yellow Again After Internal Bleaching Should I Get It Done Again or a Crown Etc? (photo)

I've had root canal and internal bleaching in the past but the tooth after a year has turned yellow again. Should I keep getting internal bleaching or... READ MORE

My Teeth Enamel is Not White - Will Zoom Work?

Do you think zoom will whitening my teeth? READ MORE

Cheaper Teeth Whitening Options?

How do I get my teeth whiter without spending a lot of money? READ MORE

Which treatment for yellow stains and uneven teeth should I go for? (photos)

As you can see my front upper teeth are protruding out and lower jaw is smaller then the upper, i am 22 years old. what kind of treatment should i... READ MORE

Why laser whitening didn't work for me

I went to dentist clinic which was recently opened, so I was kind of the first costumers to come there. The clinic seemed high class. I did the laser,... READ MORE

My upper front tooth is getting yellow. What are the measures to stop it? (Photo)

I know that my tooth is broken (not like chipped ) from its root. I checked it by heating a spoon and placing it on the tooth and I felt nothing, but... READ MORE

What Do You Recommend when Teeth Are Naturally Yellow and Professional Lighteners Dont Help?

My teeth are fine so i really dont want to go to veneers. However, professional lightenening have not really improved it very much. READ MORE

Can naturally yellow teeth be whitened?

I've always had yellow teeth, even as a kid. My teeth are healthy and I've never smoked or drunk much coffee or wine. I've tried two different do it... READ MORE

I bleached my teeth according to my dentist instructions yet my teeth color has not whiten that much. Is this normal?

My dentist gave me a customized tray and a gel to breach for half hour daily for two weeks. The yellowness of my teeth has deceased a bit but no where... READ MORE

Is there a procedure to whiten a traumatized tooth from the inside?

I have a traumatized tooth and is yellow. My dentist did a test and the nerve is alive. I would like to get it bleach from the inside , but I don't... READ MORE

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