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Is It Safe to Apply Crest Whitestrips?

Hi im thinking about buying the crest whitening strips since i cannot visit the dentist in the next few days because appointments are full and my prom... READ MORE

After Using Crest Whitestrips, How Long Until I Can Eat Coloured Foods?

I've been using the Crest Whitestrips Intense Professional, do I need to stay on a 'white diet' for a full 7 days as this is proving hard to do! After... READ MORE

Tooth Whitening Strips - Do Dentists Like Them?

My general dentist says Crest Whitening Strips work, she recommends them. I'd love a second opinion from another dentist. Do these strips really... READ MORE

Can naturally yellow teeth be whitened?

I've always had yellow teeth, even as a kid. My teeth are healthy and I've never smoked or drunk much coffee or wine. I've tried two different do it... READ MORE

Can I Apply Whitestrips While Wearing Fixed Retainers?

I'm going to remove braces next week and get fixed retainers. I wonder if i can apply whitestrip while i have those retainers. Will the whitestrips do... READ MORE

My Teeth Have Become See Through from the Bottom to Middle of Each Tooth, Are my Teeth at Risk?

I used Crest Whitening strips and have noticed my teeth are see through from the bottom upwards. Have I ruined my teeth? I usually have resilient... READ MORE

I want the beautiful Hollywood white smile. What's the best way to get this look without harm to my teeth? (photo)

I have tried the expensive whitening strips, but not the result I want, and makes my teeth really sensitive for a day or two afterwards. READ MORE

I just got a deep filling as there was decay under my older filling. Can I whiten my teeth with whitening strips?

I'm just wondering can I whiten my teeth with whitening strips and how long should I wait until my cavity has recovered? READ MORE

Would it be safe to whiten enamel teeth? (photos)

I've been wanting to whiten my teeth some, if i was to i would by a kit from the dentist or crest white strips.. but i have a little translucency at... READ MORE

I'm a 22 year old and have an orange intrinsic tooth stain since childhood, will whitening strips help remove it ? (photo)

I have had this tooth stain on one of my upper central incisors I think it may have been caused by a fall. Considering that my teeth are otherwise... READ MORE

Crest White Strips supreme sensitivity tips?

I just took my strips of Crest White Strips supreme and my teeth are pretty sensitive. This didn't happen when I used the regular ones. I have no... READ MORE

Besides ZOOM and Whotestrips how can I achieve a bright white smile? My teeth aren't yellow but it be nice to be whiter.

Had Zoom done over 6months ago. Experienced no pain what so ever during or after. Now, to achieve a whiter smile I am applying Crest Whitestrips.... READ MORE

How can I tell if whitening strips damage my teeth?

I want to buy some whitening strips for my teeth with 10% hydrogen peroxide (i have used some 3 months ago). How can I tell if they damage my teeth ?... READ MORE

I've been using crest white strips for a while now and some teeth are sensitive?

I've been using crest white strips for a while now. And my two front lower teeth are now sore to the touch. Could it be because of the white strips or... READ MORE

If I have white spots on my teeth, should I remove the stains by micro-abrasion BEFORE or AFTER using Crest White Strips?

I have very yellow teeth. And I have some yellow-brown spots and white spots on my incisors teeth. I want to whiten my teeth but I'm afraid the spots... READ MORE

Can I use the crest whitening strips right after getting my teeth professionally whitened?

I want to make sure there is no interference with the whitening procedure nor do I want to damage my teeth. I went through the Luma procedure, if that... READ MORE

I accidentally took a nap wearing my whitening strips.

I was wearing them and was planning for an hour but by accident I took a nap and ended up with them on for 3 hours. They don't hurt yet but I'm just... READ MORE

I recently have used whiting strips and now I have bad constant pain in my teeth. Is it the whiting strips or something else?

I have been using crest gentle routine and previously had no problems with pain, I only had a couple strips left and I had taken a long break from... READ MORE

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