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Why won't my teeth whiten? (photo)

I am awaiting two veneers on my lateral incisors after finishing up with Clear Correct. I have been whitening for about a month now. First I had 15%... READ MORE

What Are the Possible Ways of Treatment of Yellow Stains Due to Fluorosis? (photo)

I have yellow stains on my teeth due to flurosis and doctor has advised me for porcelain veneer as treatment.I want to know that is there any other... READ MORE

I believe Tetracycline is showing gray through my teeth. What can I do to treat this? (photo)

Recently I had veneers in Costa Rica. Afterward, I saw the "gray" in the middle of each tooth - tetracycline stains showing through, according to 3... READ MORE

Porcelain Veneers

Hi dentists, I have six porcelain veneers done on my upper part of my mouth one ago. I was happy with the result at first, but sometimes, when I look... READ MORE

Should I get my fillings replaced again (and get bleaching done) or would veneers be a good consideration? (Photo)

Hello, I have got composite fillings in between all front 4 teeth since last 7 years. I have got them replaced 3-4 times so far because these dn't... READ MORE

Options for whitening bonded teeth?

I had my top four teeth bonded (because of gaps)about 7 or 8 years ago, at which time they matched the bonding material to the color of my teeth. I am... READ MORE

I used Philips night white. It burned my gums, they swelled 2.5 years ago. The swelling never went down. Why?

Have 16 crowns, 6 veneers; used Philips NiteWhite (22%) 1 time, 3 years ago (2014) (used several times previously w/ no prob,); trays removed next am,... READ MORE

Is internal bleaching on a tooth safe? (Photo)

I chipped #9 when I was young. I've always got a bonding done but my natural tooth is starting to darken. I don't want RCT if I don't need it but my... READ MORE

What is the best way to remove/conceal dark spots on teeth where enamel has been worn off? (photo)

I recently noticed some discoloration on my teeth (mostly in between my two top front teeth and on the front of the same teeth), which I think is... READ MORE

My teeth are horrible. I didn't brush them since I had my second teeth come in until 2 years ago when I was turning 18

Im abby, My parents won't help me get my teeth whitened which would help alot but I would still need veneers for my two front teeth but as for now I... READ MORE

Porcelain Crown in Front teeth?

However, they look different in colour compared to my other teeths, Porcelain looks too white and it looks obvious..Any ideas to whiten other teeths... READ MORE

What are my options for teeth bleaching?

I wanted to bleach my teeth but my dentist told me that it won't work for me he didn't say why he instead suggested veneer but they are so expensive... READ MORE

What options are there for whitening a tooth, if it's not a surface stain? (Photo)

I have slight tooth discolouration on my front teeth. More so my left, which is my right in the photo. Its not painful but slightly more sensitive to... READ MORE

Teeth whitening before or after getting my veneers?

Hello I would like to ask you if I should get my teeth whitened before getting my veneers. I have slightly crooked front teeth which I want to get... READ MORE

Is bleaching possible if I have composite veneers?

I want to know if tooth whitening material could harm my composite veneers READ MORE

Will a internally bleached tooth get dark again?

If I do a internal bleaching in my rct tooth, will it get dark again? I've been adviced not to do internal bleaching before placing porcelain veneer... READ MORE

Bonding or veneers or whitening? Tooth discolouration/porous teeth. (photos)

Hi I have a good set of healthy teeth but have been having trouble with staining of my front four teeth. I used to use alot of harsh whitening... READ MORE

Teeth Bleaching Questions

So I'm planning to bleach my teeth by laser to achieve a lighter look. However, I've got a few questions that I've noticed nobody usually asks about:... READ MORE

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