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What Toothpaste Should I Use for Sensitive Teeth and Get Rid of Brown Stains? (photo)

Every morning and night i brush my teeth and i use mouth wash, i am also a smoker which clearly will not help the cause of brown stains but i am... READ MORE

Using sensodyne and parodontax toothpaste together?

1. Is it okay to use sensodyne(contains fluoride) and parodontax toothpaste together? I brush two times with sensodyne and one time with parodontax. I... READ MORE

Does black toothpaste really work?

The latest trend is black toothpaste, apparently containing activated charcoal. Is this toothpaste an effective at-home whitening solution? READ MORE

Whitening Toothpaste and Sensitivity?

I used a whitening toothpaste on a Friday night, one of those newer versions. Felt immediate pain across a couple of teeth. Now it is Tuesday night... READ MORE

Can colored toothpaste stain your recently whitened teeth?

I recently whitened my teeth and brushed my teeth after with blue toothpaste, can this stain my teeth? READ MORE

Using sensitive toothpaste before Zoom! Whitening. Any suggestions?

If i use potassium nitrate toothpaste to clog the enamel pores to avoid sensitivity prior the procedure, will it make the whitening process less... READ MORE

I'm using Colgate whitening toothpaste and irritates my gums?

I started recently using this to help my teeth but after a few days it started to irritate my gums to the point some white spots would appear. I'm not... READ MORE

Crest White Strips supreme sensitivity tips?

I just took my strips of Crest White Strips supreme and my teeth are pretty sensitive. This didn't happen when I used the regular ones. I have no... READ MORE

How long will the pain and sensitivity last after teeth whitening with at home trays purchased from the dentist?

I used an at home whitening kit from the dentist 5 weeks ago, and I have been experiencing considerable sensitivity in my top teeth ever since. One... READ MORE

Bonding or veneers or whitening? Tooth discolouration/porous teeth. (photos)

Hi I have a good set of healthy teeth but have been having trouble with staining of my front four teeth. I used to use alot of harsh whitening... READ MORE

Can oil pulling cause cavities?

I'm concerned about swishing any substance around my mouth that isn't toothpaste or mouthwash. If I were to oil pull without brushing and flossing... READ MORE

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