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What is my Best Bet to Treat my Tetracycline Stained Teeth?

I have heard so many mixed reviews about veneers and lumineers that I'm not just confused. Could bonding even work? I'm afraid of lasting pain... READ MORE

Tetracycline Teeth Whitening - What is the Process and Costs?

Hi, I've tried Britesmile and inhome tray but I still have some yellowish stain toward the gum (a dentist said I must have taken a lot of... READ MORE

Can Striped Teeth Be Whitened?

I have very thin, yellowish, horizontal stripes on my teeth. My mom tells me my teeth are striated like this because I was on antibiotics a lot as a... READ MORE

Are my Teeth Stains from Tetracycline? (photo)

I have always had yellow teeth, and I am 18 now. It never really bothered me when I was younger but now that I am a young woman it bothers me that my... READ MORE

I believe Tetracycline is showing gray through my teeth. What can I do to treat this? (photo)

Recently I had veneers in Costa Rica. Afterward, I saw the "gray" in the middle of each tooth - tetracycline stains showing through, according to 3... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for Kor deep bleaching? (photo)

Dr. kurthy do you think I would be a good candidate for Kor deep bleaching? I used to have white teeth.. I used a night bright gel from my dentist and... READ MORE

I have gray teeth probably from tetracycline as a child. Is there anything that can be done? (Photo)

I have tried at home whitening with dentist molds, zoom and whitening toothpaste. I have had slight results. Thinking of veneers but I have a wide... READ MORE

Tetracycline (Intrinsic) Teeth Stain Removal. (photos)

I have a minor Tetracycline (Intrinsic) Teeth Stain on my upper Central Incisors since I was kid, I'm 31 now. Is there over the counter solution to... READ MORE

Can I get Kor whitening on bottom teeth when I already have veneers on top?

6 years ago I got veneers on my top 8 front teeth due to severe tetracycline staining. They will never be white because the darkness underneath shows... READ MORE

Abut the Pre-treatment for Teeth Whitening.

Hello-- I began this process 1 week ago.  TI have tetracycline stains.  the plan is for me to do the home trays for about 2 weeks... READ MORE

My teeth are a grayish color, Is there a dentist in the Dallas area open on a late evening or weekends that specialize in this?

Tetracycline stain teeth I'm told from tetracycline and I've noticed within the last year my teeth seem to be getting darker.  Is there a dentist... READ MORE

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