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How Long After Teeth Whitening Can I Eat Foods That May Stain?

After having teeth professionally bleached how long should one wait before consuming darker colored food products? (i.e. brown sodas, red juices, etc.) READ MORE

What is the Best Professional Teeth Whitening?

For a long time my teeth have bothered me. Too yellowed and stained to even smile much.  Before i just pick up some random teeth whitener, can... READ MORE

Coffee After Professional Whitening?

Will coffee cause re-staining after whitening?  Is there any way to avoid coffee staining besides drinking coffee through a straw? READ MORE

Teeth Whitening Sensitive Teeth?

I am concerned that teeth whitening is too harsh for my gums and teeth.  I have very sensitive teeth.  cold and hot temps included.   READ MORE

Teeth Bleaching Vs Laser for Teeth Whitening?

What is best...teeth bleaching or laser treatment? Which of these gives the best finished result and which one keeps the color for longer? READ MORE

How Do I Choose the Right Shade of White for my Teeth?

See many people - especialy on tv, that get to much whitening for teeth.  smiles look as if would glow in dark. what should i get in tooth shade... READ MORE

Teeth Whitening on Decayed Teeth?

Is it safe to do teeth whitening if some of my teeth are decayed? READ MORE

What's the Best Teeth Whitening Treatment?

My teeth are badly stained.  I probably need a profesional teeth whitening vs. a tooth whitener for the home. READ MORE

Longevity of Teeth Whitening Treatment Results?

After having a professionally done teeth whitening treatment, how long can one maintain the whiter shade or are the results permanent? READ MORE

Teeth Whitening Before Dental Crowns and Veneers?

I'm planning to get 4 crowns and 4 veneers on my top front teeth. I was told that I should whiten my teeth first before the procedure. Is that true?... READ MORE

What's the Difference Between Teeth Whitening Treatments?

There are so many teeth whitening options I run across.  Zoom, britesmile, laser whitening, etc.  how do I find the right one/ best whitener? READ MORE

Teeth Whitening Procedure After Having Veneers?

I had veneers on all my front teeth (upper and lower)15 years ago. Is there any procedure or treatment that would restore some of their whiteness? READ MORE

Teeth Whitening and Pregnancy?

In my first trimester of pregnancy and hate my stained teeth.  is tooth whitening safe? READ MORE

Is Teeth Whitening Safe for Teens?

If you start "too early" with at-home or in-office teeth whitening, is it detrimental to your dental health? READ MORE

Can Bleeding Gums Cause Teeth Stain?

After I floss my teeth, sometimes I bleed and it gets onto my teeth. Can blood stain my teeth? READ MORE

Is Teeth Whitening Safe if I'm Prone to Cavities?

Every year, I get a couple more cavities (I like to call them "places to put stuff..."). I'm wondering if starting a teeth whitening... READ MORE

What's the average cost for laser whitening at the dentist's office?

Are some methods of tooth whitening at the dentist office more affordable than others? READ MORE

Home Teeth Whitening Remedies

Can a dentist help me find a tooth whitening product for home use. I know that some teeth whitners are considered too abrasive and damaging of the... READ MORE

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