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Redoing Root Canals for a Better Bleaching Option?

I had root canals done on my front two teeth when I was 19. I'm now 50. I had those teeth internally bleached twice. 12 years ago it was successful.... READ MORE

Whitening root canal tooth (photo)

Hi I have got root canal on my front tooth after trauma and it has somewhat darkened. For cost purposes and other reasons I am trying to avoid... READ MORE

What is the most effective and least invasive way of whitening a root canal tooth?

I have recently had a root canal on one of my front teeth due to a knock to the tooth. The toot has darkened very slightly and I am wanting to know... READ MORE

What is the best course of treatment for a dark front tooth that won't respond to bleaching? (photo)

My two bottom center front teeth were damaged in an accident. they both have had root canals but over the years one tooth has turned very dark and... READ MORE

What is the best internal bleaching treatment for a non-vital tooth? (photos)

My daughter had an internal bleaching once after her root canal and we don't see a big difference in color. Is there a difference in treatment and... READ MORE

Can I get a dead tooth whitened without the root canal procedure?

I have a dead, discolored tooth and my dentist suggests root canal a crown. To save money can I just get the crown done or have the dentist whiten it... READ MORE

Will dental bridges cover a grey tooth?

Hi, I recently had a root canal on my front tooth. It is still noticeably grey, by no means black though. I want to use that tooth as one of the... READ MORE

Is it okay to do internal bleaching once every few years?

I had a root canal done on my front tooth in 2004, the cause was tooth decay and infection. This was followed by internal bleaching once - walking... READ MORE

Internal bleaching - is it OK that there's a hole in the back of my tooth?

I've been getting my front tooth re-root-cannaled at a dental hospital. The treatment went OK, and now we're doing internal bleaching. I'm a bit... READ MORE

How much is it to bleach a non vital tooth?

I had a root canal done 4 years ago and now my front tooth has turned darker than the other ones. I am located in Houston Texas READ MORE

What would be the best whitening method for teeth with yellow fillings?

I had braces when I was younger but didnt finish, and I ended up having white spots. I treated them with fillings(?) I tried whitening a while ago,... READ MORE

Can I get internal bleaching even though I haven't had a root canal?

When I was nine years old I experienced trauma to one of my front teeth. I've had braces for two and a half years which made the discoloration a lot... READ MORE

my three front upper teeth had root canal...I've had them externally bleached 3x but one is still very yellow. Whats best to do?

I'm scared of grinding one tooth down for one porcelain veeneer....What are my options? And who's a good dentist on long island? READ MORE

Zoom teeth whitening, but three teeth are capped.

I have 3 root canals(capped), and they're my front teeth. I want to try zoom teeth whitening my teeth are already quite sensitive. I want my teeth to... READ MORE

How long does internal bleaching last for one tooth? Is it possible for it to darken again or is it my imagination?

I had a root canal done on a front tooth due to trauma. Then my dentist did internal bleaching. It's been 8 years now; is it possible for it to darken... READ MORE

Can my front tooth be bleached internally without having a root canal? (Photo)

My front tooth has been discolored for several years and I have never had any type of pain. I went for an internal bleaching consultation and was told... READ MORE

Should I get the gel tray for whitening before or after my root canal?

I want to whiten my teeth, but I need a root canal on my very last molar. I don't mind if that tooth is not as white as the rest as it isn't visible.... READ MORE

Discoloration after walking bleach. Is it safe to repeat the procedure?

I will be getting walking bleach next week because my teeth became dark 4month after root canal therapy. I am quite worried what I will have to do if... READ MORE

Teeth Whitening with Carbamide Peroxide 15% and is it possible that this material is weakening my teeth?

I mean sensitivity for a long time, and a sudden need for unusual dental work right after (I had a need for a root canal over a fractured tooth and... READ MORE

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