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How to Get Longer-Lasting Teeth Whitening Results?

What to do to prevent rebound? why laser teeth whitening seems only to last for a week or a month instead of the 1 or 2 years people promise? Also can... READ MORE

What Should I Do to Maintain my Teeth Whitening Results?

I just spent over $400 to get my teeth bleeched. How can I keep them whitened? READ MORE

Will MI Paste Plus Affect Laser Whitening Results?

I am having laser whitening done in a month...and already knew I would experience some pain as my teeth are quite sensitive due to acid erosion. But... READ MORE

Why laser whitening didn't work for me

I went to dentist clinic which was recently opened, so I was kind of the first costumers to come there. The clinic seemed high class. I did the laser,... READ MORE

Polishing teeth to make them shiny?

I have a front tooth where the front surface is scuffed up and as a result is dull (I was filing a sharp corner with sand paper and accidentally... READ MORE

Laser tooth whitening did not reach molars. (photo)

I'm looking for advice regarding tooth whitening. Recently, I had a professional Brilliant Smile laser tooth whitening, but I am unhappy with the... READ MORE

My teeth used to be white but not anymore?

I did a bleaching for my teeth 3 years ago by crest 3d white and I had a good result for around 5 mnths after that it was getting less... READ MORE

Do generic brand teeth whitening kits work?

These kits provide syringes that look similar to the ones professionals and dentists use. They include a boil and bite tray but otherwise look like... READ MORE

Teeth Whitening, custom trays or power whitening?

Hi, I'm looking into having my teeth whitened and i would like to know what gives the best results? custom trays the dentist makes for you to take... READ MORE

I had bonding done on my front teeth 5 years ago. The dentist said I can use whitening trays. What kind of result can I expect?

He didn't think I need to replace bonding. What kind of results can I expected. One of the teeth with bonding is darker then other teeth. I already... READ MORE

Can a low peroxide whitening agent get results?

I have heard that high concentrations of peroxide can cause sensitivity in teeth. Are there any products with a very low concentration that are effective? READ MORE

What can I do to get the best results for my teeth? (Photo)

I'm really self conscious and embarrassed about my teeth! To the point where I don't like to smile! I can't afford major treatments at the moment.... READ MORE

My teeth can get whiter after being stained? (after day 1 of whitening)

I started using home teeth whitening kits 3 days ago , on day 1 I noticed that my teeth are whiter than before, during the day I ate ketchup and mayo... READ MORE

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