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Can Filled Teeth Be Whitened?

Ok, I've Had A Couple Of My Front Teeth Filled & Where They Are Filled At Is Kinda Yellow & Brushing Dosn't Seem To Whiten Them. What... READ MORE

Why are my teeth translucent/transparent? Is there a way to fix? (Photo)

Ive been noticing that my top two front teeth are translucent from the edges a little to the bottom middle too i can notice it whenever i get close in... READ MORE

I Have Porcelain Crowns and I Smoke.They Have Become Stained.Is There Anything I Could Use To Correct This?

I've had porcelain crowns for 12 years.They have become stained due to the fact I smoke.Are there any solutions to cleaning them or will I have to... READ MORE

What Causes White Horizontal Lines on Teeth After Bleaching? Can They Be Removed?

I had teeth whitening today and after 3 whitening sessions I noticed two white horizontal lines on my front teeth that are very obvious.. How can I... READ MORE

What Are Good Whitening/bleaching Products To Use With Invisalign?

I've read around that nitewite is the best. Is there a product that is equally as good, and cheaper, possibly? I also tried looking for the 10%... READ MORE

Tetracycline Teeth Whitening - What is the Process and Costs?

Hi, I've tried Britesmile and inhome tray but I still have some yellowish stain toward the gum (a dentist said I must have taken a lot of... READ MORE

Shave Down Teeth!!!

Im a 17year-old female & I need help.Ive been struggling w/ discoloration on my teeth since I was 8years.All my teeth are white besides the lower... READ MORE

Teeth Whitening Options for a Teeth Grinder?

I’m a teeth grinder and routinely wear a night guard. So I can’t use the tray-based teeth whitening. Crest strips also fall off. Am I... READ MORE

What is the Best Recommended Product for Using Trays for Teeth Whitening?

What is the Best Recommended Product for Using Trays for Teeth Whitening? READ MORE

Why Do My Teeth Feel Gritty and Rough and Are Not Shiny After an In Office Whitening Treatment?

I Had an in Office Whitening Treatment, Boost, and Now my Teeth Feel Gritty and Rough and Are Not Shiny. Is there a fix to this or is this... READ MORE

In-office Teeth Whitening. What Are My Options? Is There A Technique That Will Match My Existing Caps/Crowns?

What are the various professional in-office teeth whitening available? I have read about one that uses a red light - is this the latest and are there... READ MORE

Which is the Most Effective Teeth Whitening Treatment?

I have slightly yellowish teeth and am a teen. I would like to have them whitened. I don't know which method to try that will be the most effective... READ MORE

What Are the Other Flavor Options (Besided Mint) for Teeth Whitening Toothpaste?

The dentist suggested mint toothpaste occasionally to help with whitening. Is there something about white paste-type toothpastes that only work for... READ MORE

Is Carbamide Peroxide or Hydrogen Peroxide More Effective for Long-term Results? Why?

Is Carbamide Peroxide or Hydrogen Peroxide more effective for long-term results? Why? READ MORE

Age 60, Use Day White 7.5%, But Need Whiter Teeth. Can Laser Whitening Be Controlled?

I am 60 & have been using Day White 7.5% but need to get my teeth whiter because I am replacing 4 front caps. I do not want bling white, so can... READ MORE

What Teeth Whitening Kits Are Safe for Pregnant Women to Use at Home?

Does the stage of pregnancy affect the teeth whitening options that are available? READ MORE

Can a Tooth/crown Be Excluded when Making a Mold?

I have crowns on my front teeth (crowns are 15 yrs old). One of the crowns has a small nick off the front face (invisible to anyone but myself and my... READ MORE

My upper front tooth is getting yellow. What are the measures to stop it? (Photo)

I know that my tooth is broken (not like chipped ) from its root. I checked it by heating a spoon and placing it on the tooth and I felt nothing, but... READ MORE

What Do You Recommend when Teeth Are Naturally Yellow and Professional Lighteners Dont Help?

My teeth are fine so i really dont want to go to veneers. However, professional lightenening have not really improved it very much. READ MORE

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