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When Do White Gums Return to Normal Color After Teeth Whitening?

When gums become white and sore after the teeth whitening procedure, how long will it take to heal or return to pink again? READ MORE

Just Had Laser Teeth Cleaning And It's Difficult To Chew Food Because Of Tender Gums. Normal?

Just had my teeth cleaned by laser(4days ago). difficult to chew food due to tenderness of Gums. is it normal to have pain this long after the laser... READ MORE

My teeth are different shades. Is that normal? (Photo)

I just got my teeth whitened less than twelve hours ago with Zoom. My teeth are much whiter near the top of my teeth, as you can see in my front two... READ MORE

Had teeth cleaned by laser and it seemed to burn my front gums. Is that normal? Now it looks like have gum disease. (Photo)

Is this normal after laser teeth cleaning , my front gum has reseeded , like a v , I have healthy gums but don't even want to smile now what can I do ? READ MORE

Is it normal to have extreme pain at start of teeth whitening treatment?

I have quite sensitive teeth. I cannot do the at home whitening strip treatments for the recommended time (30 mins) as my teeth hurt about 10 mins... READ MORE

Is fairly heavy sensitivity normal on day three of the KöR System? Also...

I am new to the KöR System and am on day three.  I woke up day/morning one and felt the difference immediately as my teeth hurt (and ... READ MORE

About 8 months ago I started to have decalcification on my teeth. Where is this coming from? (Photos)

I had braces over 12 years ago and I did. It develop white spots. Over the past 8 months they started showing up and are only getting worse. I use... READ MORE

My teeth used to be white but not anymore?

I did a bleaching for my teeth 3 years ago by crest 3d white and I had a good result for around 5 mnths after that it was getting less... READ MORE

Do teeth get sensitive after teeth whitening?

I did teeth whitening at a dentist office today and my teeth specially the front ones are super sensitive now. Is that normal and how long will it... READ MORE

Why are my gums still white after using teeth whitening strips for 1 week? It was months ago.

I used 1 week supply of teeth whitening strips and my gum is bleached white, I thought it would fade after a few yourself but it hasn't for months now... READ MORE

Office teeth whitening?

How many times a year is it save to office whiten the teeth? Would that not affect the enamel if it is whitened too many times? Another question how... READ MORE

After burning my gums while whitening 2 days ago, my gums started itching today and it's getting worse. Is this normal?

While whitening my teeth my gums around my lower teeth started burning. I immediately started rinsing and they were white. The discoloration was gone... READ MORE

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