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I Had Laser Teeth Whitening 37hrs Ago, But Today My Teeth Are Stained?

Hi I Have Laser Whitening Teeth 37 Hrs Ago but when I Wake Up Today my Teeth Are Stained I Have Just Eat Bread, Butter and Milk. READ MORE

I Have Intrinsic Stains, Teeth Have a Grey Undertone. Is There ANYTHING That Will Help? Not Zoom. (photo)

I have tried the zoom procedure with no pain--thank goodness, but my teeth are still too yellow/grey. I cannot affort porcelain veneers, so that... READ MORE

Question About Crest White Strips?

I used the Crest White Strips Vivid, which is strength 2, for the ten days as instructed. They didn't really work, and now I want to get Crest White... READ MORE

Yellow Enamel. I Have Done the Tray Thing That Doctor Sold?

However it did not work My teeth are still yellow. I am afraid of veneers because they ruin teeth. Is there any way to paint a tooth or anything new? READ MORE

How can I get my teeth white?

I smoked for 30+ years and my teeth show it. Even as a child I never had the pretty white teeth I wanted. I have tried many many OTC whitening... READ MORE

My teeth are generally yellow and it has lasted for more than 15 years. How can I get it back to white? (photos)

I have been using brushing daily but there is no results. Can I get assistance please? READ MORE

Teeth are blue; doctor whitened them but it didn't work. She says it's the only option, is this true?

As a child two adult teeth never came through, I had braces and then had two false teeth fitted on to a bridge. Only issue is now my teeth that the... READ MORE

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