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Internal bleaching after root canal and tooth is now whiter than others. How can I fix this?

I had a root canal and internal bleaching on a front tooth. After carefully revisiting the Endodontist to get the color right, the permenant filling... READ MORE

Is there a procedure to whiten a traumatized tooth from the inside?

I have a traumatized tooth and is yellow. My dentist did a test and the nerve is alive. I would like to get it bleach from the inside , but I don't... READ MORE

Is it okay to do internal bleaching once every few years?

I had a root canal done on my front tooth in 2004, the cause was tooth decay and infection. This was followed by internal bleaching once - walking... READ MORE

Dead tooth but already have lumineer placed. Do you not need a root canal to get internal bleaching done?

I have a lumineer on my number 10 tooth and for some reason or another my real tooth died two years after the placement. Now my tooth is dark and it... READ MORE

Is internal bleaching on a tooth safe? (Photo)

I chipped #9 when I was young. I've always got a bonding done but my natural tooth is starting to darken. I don't want RCT if I don't need it but my... READ MORE

Internal bleaching - is it OK that there's a hole in the back of my tooth?

I've been getting my front tooth re-root-cannaled at a dental hospital. The treatment went OK, and now we're doing internal bleaching. I'm a bit... READ MORE

Just did internal bleaching on front tooth for 2nd time. 3 days later I woke up with a dark spot in middle of tooth, why?

I also did zoom right after the tooth was bleached. The bleach was kept in during the zoom treatment? I walked out a happy patient. Why did it... READ MORE

How long does internal bleaching last for one tooth? Is it possible for it to darken again or is it my imagination?

I had a root canal done on a front tooth due to trauma. Then my dentist did internal bleaching. It's been 8 years now; is it possible for it to darken... READ MORE

Will a internally bleached tooth get dark again?

If I do a internal bleaching in my rct tooth, will it get dark again? I've been adviced not to do internal bleaching before placing porcelain veneer... READ MORE

What will cause internal tooth bleaching to not work?

I have a front tooth that was filled, developed an abscess then was given root canal treatment. The tooth is dark and i had a consultation with the... READ MORE

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