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What to Do when Gums Peel and Blister After Teeth Whiting

I used the teeth whiting for 3 days. i stopped Tuesday and today is Friday, because it was painful to my gums. Now my gums are peeling and white. I... READ MORE

Can Teeth Whitening Damage Gums?

I want to get my teeth whitened but I’m scared of hurting my gums. I’ve heard the bleaching can cause permanent damage. What’s the... READ MORE

Is Teeth Whitening Possible for People with Receding Gums?

I am really sensitive to cold liquids and hot drinks concern is this will get even worsened after teeth bleaching, no? READ MORE

My Gums Are Sensitive, and I Can See White Spots on my Gums After Using 3D White Intensive Professional Effects?

This is my third day of using 3D White, and I have four more days. Should I take a small break before continuing? READ MORE

Can Bleeding Gums Cause Teeth Stain?

After I floss my teeth, sometimes I bleed and it gets onto my teeth. Can blood stain my teeth? READ MORE

At home teeth whitening. What can I use to protect my gum against the whitening gel?

What can i use to protect my gum against the whitening gel....? im thinking of using vaseline? or any other option? READ MORE

Can Teeth Bleaching Contribute to Gum Recession?

I had been using Venus Pro 16% bleaching kit for only few days and it seems like my gum recession got worse. Can bleaching make gum recession to... READ MORE

Is there a way to put the whitening gel in my clear retainer tray and avoid contact with my gums?

I used the old NiteWhite 16% but now use DayWhite 9.5%. I went to use it and followed the instructions of brushing and flossing my teeth then applying... READ MORE

Grey and Black Gums After Professional Teeth Whitening? (photo)

It is 5th day after I got my in office whitening. Partially exposed to whitening material gums got affected and became white, than turned red. Third... READ MORE

Bleeding Gums After Laser Teeth Whitening

I had Polus laser whitening at 10am yesterday morning and my teeth were really sensitive afterwards. My gums were also white for about an hour after.... READ MORE

I'm in pain after whitening my teeth at home. Is it dangerous? Any suggestions?

I whitend my teeth at home for the first time yesterday. Now I'm so terrified!! I've been having pains in my mouth all day, so I decided to take a... READ MORE

Just Had Laser Teeth Cleaning And It's Difficult To Chew Food Because Of Tender Gums. Normal?

Just had my teeth cleaned by laser(4days ago). difficult to chew food due to tenderness of Gums. is it normal to have pain this long after the laser... READ MORE

Is my Home Teeth Bleaching Kit Receding my Gums?

I see other questions on here but none that fit my description. I used a bleaching gel kit(44%) with a retainer three days in a a row until the third... READ MORE

Teeth Whitening System Without Hurting Gums?

This system cost £260 but I don't want to damage my healthy gums. What should I do? Thanks, Dianne. READ MORE

Can I bleach my teeth without using the trays, but using cheek retractor?

When i use the trays, sometimes the gel is touching my gums, causing irritation. i was wondering if i can follow the in-office teeth whitening, in... READ MORE

Tooth turning grey for no possible reason with no pain or sensitivity. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi , As I'm in the process of cosmetic dental work I noticed that one of my teeth is turning grey. I noticed this after we bleached the teeth and did... READ MORE

How Can I Whiten my Teeth Without Hurting my Gums?

2 months ago i went to the clinic to whiten my teeth. The doctor has already made a mold for my teeth & about 20 minutes to the start of the... READ MORE

Had my Teeth Whitened Yesterday and Has Made 2 Small Holes in my Gum What Should I Do?

Im not sure if this is just one of thoughs things that can happen or if I should ring and complain as it is causing me discomfort. And also my gums... READ MORE

Gums bleeding after teeth whitening! Is this permanent damage? (Photo)

Recently i got polanight custom fitted teeth whitening trays from my dentist. One night i accidentally put to much of the gel in and my gum burnt like... READ MORE

Red and inflamed gums after teeth whitening?

I did a teeth whitening treatment. In one part of my mouth, where the whitening stuff got on my gums, the white color went away. But now that area of... READ MORE

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