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Can Filled Teeth Be Whitened?

Ok, I've Had A Couple Of My Front Teeth Filled & Where They Are Filled At Is Kinda Yellow & Brushing Dosn't Seem To Whiten Them. What... READ MORE

Unfortunately the majority of my teeth have large fillings. I was wondering what my options are to whiten my teeth?

Hi, the majority of my teeth unfortunately have large fillings. My Dentist told me that my teeth color is an A2 and to me my teeth look Yellow. In all... READ MORE

I just got a deep filling as there was decay under my older filling. Can I whiten my teeth with whitening strips?

I'm just wondering can I whiten my teeth with whitening strips and how long should I wait until my cavity has recovered? READ MORE

What is be the max estimate price for teeth whitening & filing?Is this the best procedure for what I'm trying to achieve?(photo)

As you can see, they are extremely yellow in my opinion, so whitening is definitely a must. On one of my front teeth I have a small chip from trying... READ MORE

What will happen if the color of my original teeth changes from whitening and I already have whiter fillings?

I have 3 fillings in my front teeth and i need to whiten my teeth and im thinking of home whitening kit , i know that i have to replace them after i... READ MORE

Should I get my fillings replaced again (and get bleaching done) or would veneers be a good consideration? (Photo)

Hello, I have got composite fillings in between all front 4 teeth since last 7 years. I have got them replaced 3-4 times so far because these dn't... READ MORE

Whitening root canal tooth (photo)

Hi I have got root canal on my front tooth after trauma and it has somewhat darkened. For cost purposes and other reasons I am trying to avoid... READ MORE

Best option for darkening tooth?

I had trauma to my front tooth one year ago and a composite filling was put in place. It has now darkened in colour it is much more yellow in colour... READ MORE

How to get rid of dark lines where fillings are?

I have fillings on my front teeth, and there is a dark line in the middle of my teeth (where the filling ends). I brush almost three times a day and... READ MORE

Can you whiten a central incisor from the inside temporarily without a dental procedure? I'm a broke medical student. (photo)

My temporary filling came out now it's staining. I don't have dental insurance but will be getting it soon. On the meantime it's embarrassing and I... READ MORE

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