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Is There a Way to Whiten my Teeth Even Though I Was Born Without Enamel?

I was born with some condition where my teeth have no enamel. This makes my teeth sensitive as it is and disgustingly yellow. I brush my teeth... READ MORE

My teeth are Translucent/transparent after bleaching. Have I over bleached & what can I do to reduce the transparency? (photo)

I got my braces off, had a cleaning and started the home teeth bleaching kit. I used the Venus 35 (3 tubes) and Opalescence 35 (4 tubes) over a 14 day... READ MORE

Why aren't there anything dentists use to paint over/protect teeth yet?

We wear shoes on our feet, sunscreen on skin -- why isn't there anything out there yet that protects teeth or regrows enamel from the elements? Is it... READ MORE

Can I have my teeth whitened if I have no enamel, they were 'coated' when I was small?

When my teeth grew they had no enamel on them, they were coated when I was a child by the dentist. They are only slightly discoloured but I am... READ MORE

Would it be safe to whiten enamel teeth? (photos)

I've been wanting to whiten my teeth some, if i was to i would by a kit from the dentist or crest white strips.. but i have a little translucency at... READ MORE

What is my best solution for whitening my teeth? (photo)

Hi there I have really yellow teeth and hate smiling. I have visited many dentist and they told me the anamel on my teeth never grew or something? Now... READ MORE

What is best teeth whitening for 59 yr old woman? (photos)

My teeth are straight and used to be very white. I am a non-smoker, but my teeth are dull and the enamel must be thinning. I am 59. Not really yellow,... READ MORE

Can a dentist tell by examining the teeth if enamel loss is the cause of the discoloration?

I first noticed discoloration of my teeth in my early teens. At that time, the dentist suggested it could be a result of tetracycline use. A hygienist... READ MORE

I have idiopathic tooth enamel erosion. Is it possible that using a Sonicare toothbrush for 10 years eroded my enamel?

I did not misuse the Sonicare - I used it only twice daily & with light pressure. I don't have any abnormal dietary or behavioral issues: I don't... READ MORE

Are 3D crest whitestrips luxe flexfit safe for my teeth where in places my enamel is washing off and had to be filled in?

My enamel for few years on few front teeth is I guess washing off for whatever reason and my dentist has filled these places with white filling. You... READ MORE

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